8 Basic Hair Grooming Tips Every Man Should Follow

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#1 Trim Your Mustache and Beard

Everyone wants to look suave, whether they admit it or not. The best way to do that is to trim your mustache and beard. And by trim, I don’t mean cut off ‡á inch every week with emery board.

Nothing screams –dishonest” more than an unkempt beard or mustache. Men need to keep their facial hair trimmed to look their best.

Now, I know some may say “it’s just facial hair, can’t I just wait until I get home to cut it?” Sure, you can do that. Just make sure to trim that hair often.

For those who feel the way I do about beards, you should get a beard trimmer such as the Wahl beard trimmer.

It is a multi-purpose trimmer that can cut long hair, trim necks, and beards, and even buzz short hair.

It is great for home use, but it can also be used by professionals that need to keep their beards and mustaches looking nice.

#2 Control Your Eyebrows

It’s essential that your eyebrows are the correct shape for your face.

If your brows are too long they will give you a tired appearance. They can also make you look like your eyes are smaller than they really are.

One easy way to quickly get rid of eyebrow hairs that are too long is to pluck them with an eyebrow plucker. However, if you leave all the excess hair under the surface, there is a chance that they will grow back stronger than ever.

To remove hair that’s in the follicle, threading is your best bet. You can find professionals to do the job for you or you can learn how to do it yourself.

For those of you who need help in getting the correct brow shape, look for threading specialists, ideally a professional makeup artist or hair stylist.

Avoid shaving, waxing etc… Your best chance of success is by threading which removes hairs that grow just below the skin’s surface.

#3 Banish Nose Hair

People with hair growing in their ears and noses should pluck them out regularly to avoid infections.

Remember that inside the ear, there’s a sort of hair pit where there’s nothing separating your ear lobe, and the ear drum, until you get deep into the canal and wind up inside your head, the cheek tissue.

If you have hair growing inside your ear, it’s something that can be twisted, or knotted, or get all gunkered up in there and the helmet strap could get twisted around and around inside there.

It’s best to have it kept nice and clean. Since your hair is pretty course, and ear hair, or nose hair can be course, you may want to put the plucking in the hands of someone else.

Or follow the rule once every few weeks, or even months.

But do keep it clean, cause if it’s not, it’s all tangled up, and if it’s all tangled up, it can get all gunkered up inside there.

#4 Ear Hair Be Gone

Ear hair is a big issue for men with either long or thick hair. Ear hair can appear to hang from the ears and sometimes, even stick outside from the ears.

But have no worries about the hair because this is a regular phenomenon for men with thick hair.

There are three strategies for this hair and they depend on your pocket or hair type.

1- a Good Haircut

You can trim the exterior hair that is hanging from your ears. You can create a stylish look to your hair without cutting the interior hair.

2- Get the Hair Waxed

Trimming is always time-consuming and if you don’t want to go through that hassle, you can wax your hair. You can have a smooth look for your exterior hair without messing with the interior hair.

Just know that waxing is not permanent and the hair will grow back. So if you don’t wax your hair often, you’ll have to deal with ear hair for the rest of your life.

3- Hairs that Stick Out

If the ear hair is just outside and doesn’t bother you, you can wait until it grows and then cut it off. But if it bothers you, you can trim it.

#5 Have a Naked Neck

Chances are you will be found more attractive and appealing if you don’t have lush hair on your neck. This applies not only to the hair on your neck, but to the hair growing under your jawline extending down under your collar line.

To remove this hair some men use waxing, others use a depilatory cream others just buy collars of different style. Waxing has the downside of sticky residue if you get it on your clothing. Buy a shirt with a high collar and don’t use a depilatory for the job.

You can also remove hair using the new single blade razor which you will find at Walmart and many drugstores. These are inexpensive and very safe to use but you should be careful. Only use it on your neck. It can be a bit intimidating at first but you will get the hang of it in no time.

#6 Don’t Stumble over Stubble

Stubble is the hair that grows on your face after you’ve shaved. It may be short, but it’s often prickly, coarse and prone to breakage.

You may think that keeping to the same five o’clock shadow look each day will help your facial hair grow stronger and thicker, but it actually has the opposite effect, according to research conducted by New York’s Beth Israel Medical Center.

A study of more than 5,500 different men found that men who shaved daily actually had more hair in the anagen stage. This hair was also thicker, but had a lower growth rate.

The kicker is that on average, men who shaved every one or two days had less hair, which grew faster.

The researchers suggested that mild damage caused by daily shaving encourages the body to respond with more hair follicles and thicker hair.

#7 Get the Right Tools

A good hair clipper is top of the list. A bald head is not a cool look for anyone, so if you’re going to wear your hair short, you need a high-quality hair clipper to do the job and do it right.

Like a car, the cheapest of hair clippers are not necessarily the best. You don’t want to end up with a kit that you have to replace parts on monthly. It’s really important to have a high-quality hair clipper because if you do not, you will end up with an itchy, ugly, or even painful haircut.

When it comes to a hair clipper, you really do get what you pay for. If you don’t have a lot of hair and can’t justify the cost of a high-quality hair clipper, you can always go for clippers that work with multiple attachments.

This will allow you to have multiple lengths and widths for your hair and you only need to invest in one good set of clippers.

#8 Find a Routine

Hair is a funny thing. Everyone's hair is unique and different. Some people find it flat, straight, thick, thin, short, long, stringy, oily, dry, and so on.

The key to having the hair you want is finding a good routine. What works best for some of us may not work the best for you.

For example, some people with thick curly hair find that it’s best to wash it every day, while others with straight hair find that washing every day will cause it to be extremely dry.

Try starting out with an every other day shampoo schedule, the less you shampoo the less you will have to brush through it.

It's best to brush immediately after a shower, before your hair has time to dry and while the natural oils are still in your hair.

If you wait too long the hair will be harder to brush and you are much more likely to pull out hair by accident when trying to detangle your hair.