Carrera CA33/S Pilot Sunglasses Review

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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the Carrera CA33/S Pilot Sunglasses.

We scrutinize all products before we share our detailed thoughts on it with you.

Our rating: 8 / 10

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  • Stylish, cool design – best for men
  • Carrera sunglasses are made of solid metal and very durable
  • It is an authentic product and is therefore likely to last for many years to come


  • The lenses are not foldable
  • The sun-protection ability could be better

Generally, the performance of sunglasses is resisted by manufacturers, because it does not have a great impact on the quality of a product. But because of the Carrera CA33/S Pilot Sunglasses, the manufacturer made a conscious decision to attach an uncommonly good performance, lasting performance and strength to the sales of sunglasses. Despite the wide range of use, it has a universal purpose, to protect our eye care. Since its development in 2002, it has become an indispensable product for many.

There are two types of sunglasses in the market today: sunglasses with special lenses with narrow eye based on special functions, and sunglasses typically made of gradient materials with regular features. Accommodating a wide range of functions, the Carrera CA33/S Pilot Sunglasses are concerned about the sunglasses with the special qualities and features.

The glasses of the special type of the CA33/S pilot sunglasses are designed to improve the visibility of the sun and to prevent eye fatigue. It also has the function of reducing the dazzling nature of the sun in the medium and long-range distances.

The CA33/S pilot sunglasses are characterized by the following 5 main features: corrosion resistance, lightweight, strength, operation ease and fog prevention.

The corrosion resistance is ensured by the CR-39 lens.
The antimagnetic glasses are left behind by the low magnetic resistance of the glasses with the special lenses.
Since the composition of the lenses is not an alloy, it is not easily oxidized and equipped with the corrosion resistance that is well.
The CA33/S pilot sunglasses are a pair of polarized lenses with a special UV protection coating. When the sunlight is short-range and intense, the light intensity in the lens and periphery is reduced, and the unit is not scratched by the ultraviolet rays, such as the daily long-term exposure of glasses.
Features of the hardness glasses are inherited from the gray tint material and antioxidant coating.
When leaving for a long time, the CA33/S pilot sunglasses will not fall and produce a rattle when being worn around the neck. It also prevents the glasses from becoming foggy when used outdoors in the shade.

The CA33/S pilot sunglasses can be purchased in various colors and models of frames to suit your individual needs. It is therefore not only for professional use but also for everyday use.

A universal value for users. It can use the sunglasses all day long with a special purpose, to prevent eye fatigue for a long-term use.

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