The Electric Shaver vs Razor: Which is Better? (A Full Comparison)

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Electric shavers (A simple, illustrated guide)

In a hurry? Here's a quick breakdown:

A Quick Comparison

Electric Razors Electric Shavers (aka Shavers) are ideal for: Folks who do not want to deal with the mess and general awkwardness of shaving with a razor.

Folks who have sensitive skin and razor burn.

Folks who have more time to shave but still want a close shave. ​Good for legs, armpits, and large surface areas. Not good for a short shave. Razors (aka Blades) Razors are ideal for: Folks who do not want to deal with the charging, clean-up, or maintenance of an electric shaver.

Folks who like short and tidy shaves.

Folks with tougher hair and tougher skin.

And that's it.

The Differences

To start with, let's look at the blades. A razor uses a replaceable blade while an electric shaver uses a cutting head; these two different blade types are responsible for many of the differences between the two.

A replaceable blade typically has a number of blades – two or three are most common, but five blade razors exist, too. Each one of these blades does a little bit of the work, leaving you with what appears to be a very close shave.

The Electric Razor (Shaver)

The electric razor is more often than not referred to as a shaver. This is probably because it is an electric razor while it is also possible to be a razor at the same time.

Again, the electric shaver is a razor type and the electric razor is a shaver type.

The razor is as the name suggests. It is the original style of which all other types of razors are based on. A razor is not particularly designed to be electric but rather it is a style of blade.

The blade of a razor could be a double edged blade or a single blade.

The blade is (generally) exposed and set in a handle of some sort. The shaving blade is moved over the skin creating a cut. This cut is what causes the hair to be removed (removed from the surface of your skin). The cut will generally consist of each hair dropping down rather than being pulled.

The electric blade, therefore, does not use a shaving blade of a blade of a particular style. Instead it has a more of a head that is designed to move in a way that mimics the action of a blade.

The Electric Trimmer

Vs Razor: Which is better for shaving?

Everyone knows that only the best electric shaver around the market will purchase, because usually, you get what you pay for. You expect quality and durability and you don’t want to make a replacement after just a few months.

In no way, a cheap electric shaver is worth your hard-earned money. They’re not considered as a long-term investment and therefore you are wasting your money if you decide to buy one. You need to buy a high-quality one such as the Braun Series 3 3050S Men’s Electric Foil Shaver.

Braun Series 3 3050S Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

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Sharp and precise.

If you shave with a razor, you know that the process is a "definite art form." You need to be extremely focused and concentrate on your task at hand. But with the electric shaver, things are completely different.

Razors (A simple, illustrated guide)

While it’s been a few years since I used a razor for my face, I still prefer razors for body hair removal. I’ve tried a lot of different razors and methods and have found that for me, the best method is to shave against the grain of the hair.

If you are not sure if you are shaving with or against the grain, it’s probably against. Shaving with or across the grain is what all the guys on TV do. It’ll leave the blade running against the tightly packed hair and you will get a closer shave.

This video shows the best shaving technique I’ve found.

I actually prefer a simple "old fashioned" straight razor for my face. I’ve been shaving my face with a safety razor for a while. It doesn’t look as care free as some of the wire shavers with a cartridge, but there will be no razor bumps, and my skin stays smooth for a longer period of time.

Disposable Razors

Vs. throwaway electric shavers

There are both benefits and disadvantages of disposable razors and throwaway electric shavers. The best shaver, in this case, is the one that fits your preferences and does the tasks you need it to do most.

Initially, electric shavers are an investment. Disposable razors are less expensive and allow you to shave on the run with no wait.

Electric shavers are better for those with sensitive skin. They are also easier to clean, but will not provide a close shave.

Disposable razors are close shavers, and will not tear out the hair like an electric razor can. You can use a disposable razor on both legs and underarms successfully.

Electric shavers will usually dry your skin out more quickly than disposable razors. Multi-blade disposable razors tend to give less cuts and nicks, and are gentler on your skin.

A washable manual razor can offer a widely varying close shaver. A bad shave with an electric razor might mean buying a new one, but switching blades on a disposable razor is usually just a quick run to the store.

Safety Razors

The razor blade is the oldest form of clearing up the chin and cheeks. It is the most affordable option, since you can purchase blades in bulk at a discounted price. However, the blades can sometimes be dull unless you buy a high-quality razor. The blades get dull with use and would need replacement. To maintain the cost, it would go up. If you switched blades every two shaves, the cost per blade would be high. But, you can use disposable razors if you change blades every week. Electric shavers last much longer. It takes you only five minutes to have a clean shave. It is almost like waxing, but less painful. It not only takes care of the chin and cheeks, but also the neck area.

Safety razors are the best option for shaving and as a result, it is one of the best facial grooming options for both men and women. You get a close shave without having to go to an expensive salon. You can get the closest shave with a razor.

Safety razors are quite cheap and they are easy to use as well. Re-sharpening with safety razors is easy. You just need to put a razor across a strop. Dropping the shaving cream can be avoided but a bit of proper maintenance.

Straight Razors

Electric shavers do not require the use of shaving cream or soap, which saves both time and money. As an electric shaver merely emulates the closeness of a barber shave, it works best for men who do not have very long facial hair.

Your face will itch, burn, and swell after shaving with an electric shaver, because they cut each whisker below the skin. Electric shavers will not give you the closest shave. Among their main advantages is that are quicker to use compared to a traditional shaving razor. Cleaning them is a breeze: with the exception of rinsing them under hot water, there are no other steps that the user must take.

Electric shavers are the best option for users with sensitive skin, as they do not require the use of shaving creams or soaps that usually contain alcohol.

Shaving Razor

Men who wish for a closer shave or who have coarse or thick facial hair should go with a traditional safety razor. Safety razors have been in use for more than a century, and more than a 100 years later, they are still the most effective men’s shaving equipment.

Over time, the more you use a safety razor and apply gentle pressure to your skin, the less you will need to press down on the razor. You will acquire shaving skills that will help reduce the likelihood of these injuries.

Cartridge Razor

The cartridge razor is by far the most popular. They are cheap, disposable, and convenient. Just pop a new one off the shelf every week, and your good to go.

But the biggest advantage of the cartridge razor isn't convenience at all, it's efficiency.

By using a blade that is mounted to a cartridge, the cartridge razor provides a very close shave with minimal skin irritation.

This style shaver has the benefit of not requiring you to reach for the shaving cream and water, which again, increases convenience.

Then again, it does not allow the option of using your favorite shaving cream, (isn't that why we shave?), which of course, is something that us men are familiar with.

Razor accessories

As: Replacement Heads, Replacement Blades

Many men around the world prefer the convenience and long-lasting effects of an electric razor over the traditional "shave and a haircut" routine. An electric razor has a few different features than your usual razor.

Power button. This allows a man to turn his razor on and off at any time

A charging base. Not all razors on the market include a charging base that is convenient for plugging your razor into

A cleaning and lubricating station. It is designed to keep your razor in the best condition it can be

These razor accessories are designed to keep your razor in peak condition and prepared for any situation that may arise. If you are experiencing any type of issue with your razor you can check the troubleshooting section of the razor’s user’s manual.

Some common razor issues include:

  • Incorrect voltage on the charger causing the motor to overheat
  • Inability to turn the razor on
  • Lack of charge on the razor
  • Blocked lubrication channels

Electric Clippers as: Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers

Clippers are a popular option among men. These razors are designed with the intentions to get close to the skin and provide men with a consistent amount of stubble or a clean cut around the face.


For the man seeking an easy way to shave, The electric razor is the best option. It ensures a close shave, without nicks or cuts. With a sharp blade, a man can quickly cut himself with shaving cream and multiple passes. The electric razor does all the work for you and only need to place the machine in the right spot.

There is only one catch, the electric razor may be more expensive, but an electric razor shaves 5x faster than using a traditional razor.

For the man seeking a more convenient way to shave, the beard trimmer is the best option. With modern technology men can get a variety of different facial hair styles that were almost impossible to pull off before.

The clippers are more convenient since you can remove hair without any mess or water required. They are also better for finer hair.

They have just one catch, you may not be able to shave as closely with beard trimmers. This can easily be compensated with the right trimmer.

You have learned that there is not a correct answer to this question, you need to figure out what you are looking for in your shaving experience.

There are a variety of options that can meet your needs, you just need to take the time to research. That is why we added this guide, to make sure you get an option that delivers your desired outcomes and keep you out of a bad decision.