10 Exclusive Health Benefits You Get For Growing a Beard

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Beards help prevent skin cancer

Beards are also great for keeping your face warm in cold weather if you live somewhere where the winters are cold. You can even use your beard as insulation when you are camping outdoors.

If you are going on a skiing trip, you can use your beard as a scarf, and if you are going on a motorcycle trip, you can use your beard as a helmet.

Beards prevent wind burn and frostbite. If you grow a beef, you can go outside with your face exposed, even in the middle of a snowstorm, and your face will not get burned and it will not get frostbite.

Once your beard gets long enough, it can help keep your whole face warm. The heat from your body will keep the bottom part of your face warm, and the top part of your face will be covered by your beard.

If you are an active guy that likes to go outside in a cold weather, then having a beard will help you have a comfortable day, and you will not have to spend any money on things like face masks and scarfs.

Beards keep your face moisturized

Your boyfriend has known this for years. After shaving, his face will be dry and sensitive. From time to time, he may even get razorburn! On the other hand, keeping and actually growing a beard will make you enjoy those extra oils.

Soaking Facial Hair in Oil

Using Beard Oil every day keeps your facial hair in a healthy and moist state.

Once a beard starts to grow, it is natural for them to go through some rough days. This is completely normal, but very frustrating.

Oiling your face and brushing your beard regularly will help set you on your way to a healthier and more manageable beard.

If you find it hard to tell, take a look at your hair.

If the hair is still a little dry and frizzy on the ends, then you may have dry facial hair.

You’ll need a beard oil with the right set of ingredients.

Four things you should look out for in a beard oil:

  • Natural
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Moisturizing
  • Soothing

Use Beard oil on a daily basis and you will find your beard looks better than ever before. Your skin will be glowing with health and your beard will be soft and shiny.

No more shaving? No more shaving issues?

Is that really possible? Could you live your life without shaving? Yes you can, but is it really a great idea? If you choose to grow a nice beard, you may have to find new ways to deal with some shaving issues that are less obvious than the inevitable misfortunes of growing a beard. So, out of the goodness of my heart, I have researched a few benefits you get for growing a beard. I want you to be prepared when you decide to grow a beard. I’ll tell you all about the 10 exclusive health benefits you get for growing a beard…

In honour of World Beard Day, on the 2nd of November and hereafter, 2nd of November will be celebrated as International Beard Day.

They prevent allergies

Yes, growing a beard can help you prevent allergies.

When the food that you eat is broken down in your stomach, it produces chemicals.

A significant amount of these chemicals is neutralized by the body's enzymes. If you grow a beard, more of the chemical is absorbed in your hair.

It builds resistance to pollen. This is because your body has to produce more of these enzymes to prevent allergies.

As a result, your body can defend better against pollen allergies and pollen-related diseases.

Beards provide asthma relief

In 1999, Dr. Michael Zimring conducted a study at the University of California at Los Angeles. In this study, he found that nearly 72 percent of men with full beards claimed to have never had a doctor tell them that they suffered from asthma.

This number is not representative of men with stubble, goatees, or moustaches and seemed to be directly proportional to the amount of facial hair. Approximately 55 percent of men with goatees and moustaches had never suffered from asthma, while approximately 46 percent of men with stubble suffered from asthma.

There is a conclusive link between beards and asthma and the likely cause is cooler temperatures.

They prevent illness

Beards have a natural barrier that protects you from some pathogenic germs and bacteria.

With the ability to keep you healthier, growing a beard could save you money on doctor bills and nasal sprays.

Research shows that one's general exposure to bacteria is one of the reasons why men can lower their risk of infections.

The thicker the facial hair, the better. Grind your face against another bearded man and you are guaranteed to get pollen off that guy. This helps decrease pollen and other allergens in the air.

Researchers have found that most men who grow beards have a healthier mustache and a much lower chance of getting upper respiratory infections. Also you get protection against the sun, and scientists found that bearded men have a 20 – 25% decrease in wrinkles.

Also, it increases your beard. This can cause the skin to regenerate faster and even help it become more supple and youthful. You'll be able to improve and sharpen your beard and find out your face is also a totally new face and the face of a new person.

Beards render most bad odors from your mouth, face, and body unavailable to those around you, rather than just masking them. They can also prevent you from eating your own bad smells by keeping your mouth busy.

Let’s not forget the confidence factor

That comes with growing a beard.

If your face shape isn’t one that looks good with a beard, you’ll have one advantage over those that can pull it off – confidence.

We’ve all seen or heard those guys who can’t grow a full beard, and it makes them self-conscious.

But if you can’t pull it off, you can just tell people that you had to make a change because of the new company policies.

It’s a win-win for you.

Let’s not forget your sex life

The responsibility of growing one is simply that you will be sexually appealing to other people. Overall, it will help you attract women and help you get more action. You will be fairly confident in the new you, so you will feel like going out and meeting new people.

A nice beard will also make you more attractive to the same sex. You will get bonus points for being manlier.

Actually, it does not matter if you are gay or straight, you will feel better about yourself because you have a beard. You will feel more like a man. You will feel more attractive and gain more confidence. These are all normal things that will happen to you. They will help you attract whatever you want and make you feel even better about it. Whether you are sexually active already or trying to be, it will help you. It may even be a confidence booster.

It also makes your jaw line leaner. A man should have a strong jaw line. It is one of the first things that both men and women will notice in each other. So this benefit helps you with that.

Some science has shown that growing a beard makes a person seem more successful and more manly. Not only that, but others will assume you to be more reliable and more trustworthy. This makes sense since it seems to make you the more masculine of the two, but it does help the person like you more and want to give you more than you give them.

Beards reduce the chance of bacterial infection

In the face as it traps dirt or dust particles in the skin hair follicles. The presence of bacteria is prevented with a beard as it has outward Sweat pores. One of the biggest problems that can affect human body externally is the bacterial infection and this can be prevented by growing beard.

As, it is already understood that beards can handle the temperature change in the body, to a certain extent, beards also help in preventing colds and flu by protecting the throat and the nose.

Conditions like dandruff and eczema are prevented by beard. Beards are a great way of preventing dandruff if not eliminating dandruff completely. These, as well as eczema can be correlated with internal fungal infection and beards help in improving the quality of the skin.

Sleeping during the night involves a lot of tossing and turning and this is when your hair on the beard can be a great comforter during the night. It helps you in preventing the face from irritation due to friction that arises due to the tossing and turning.

Beard hairs contain sebaceous glands that secrete sebum onto the hair follicles in the skin. The secretions of the gland help in deep conditioning of the hair. This deep conditioning makes the hair stronger.

No more blemishes

Beard hair grows faster than your scalp hair, so if you shave it, it will start growing back thicker and faster, which is what causes those annoying dandruff and acne. Testosterone converts into DHT, which leads to dandruff and acne. As DHT levels increase, beard growth increases and vice versa.

By growing a beard and keeping it, you’ll prevent the testosterone-to-DHT conversion, and potentially prevent the associated acne breakouts and dandruff. This is especially effective if you’re a teenager.