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Today's review is going to look at the Watch Box.

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Our rating: 9 / 10

Cost: $

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  • Fits many styles and sizes of watches from women’s, men’s, kids, sports, and more
  • Flexible, adjustable design
  • Clean, simple lines
  • Good quality


  • The dividers don’t do much to segregate out smaller watches
  • One reviewer said the silver hardware is plastic, not metal

The Watch Box- Retail Display Model by Nuts &bolts stands out from the rest and does its job by being a watch organizer. The watch holder is good for males because it is the perfect organizer and space saver. The holder is large enough to hold your favorite watches along with any jewelry you would like to have in the same place. The boxes are big and spacious enough to store most of your watches. The compartments are big enough to fit your watches and jewelry. The inside has a velvet bed for all of your watches. The bottom drawer can be used as the right place for keys, cell phones, and other lesser used things. The boxes also have a calendar that can be used to write your watches and add notes to remind you of other important items. The organizer comes in a variety of colors to fit all of your tastes. The finish of the box does not fade. The organizer has a glass top to give you a view of all of your watches and other contents. The top of the organizer telescopes and has hinges. The organizer also has dividers for you to place specific pieces of jewelry or watches if needed. The organizer is created with quality in mind and will last forever.
"Practical & intelligent way to store and showcase your finest timepieces." — Author

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