How to Apply Cologne Like an Expert, in 7 Simple Steps

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7 steps to apply cologne like an expert

Everybody loves to smell nice and cologne is one of the most popular ways to smell nice all the time. It doesn’t take much to use the right amount of cologne.

Just follow these seven easy steps to apply cologne like an expert.

{1}. Apply cologne by holding the neck of the bottle between your thumb and index finger along the length of the bottle.
{2}. Apply the cologne by tapping it lightly onto the smells of your neck and wrists.
{3}. Apply a few drops to the back of the knees, chest, and tops of your feet.
{4}. Apply just enough cologne so that you don’t overdo it. You don’t want to stick people’s noses into you with your cologne.
{5}. Make sure to keep cologne in an area where light and heat are controlled.
{6}. Make sure your bottle has not been open for more than six months before buying.
{7}. Make sure to gently tap it to the bottom of the bottle each time you use it.

You can use a light spray on your clothing if you desire as well.

Cleanse your skin and pores

With warm water.

Wash your face gently and warm water to stimulate the pores. Warm water helps to remove oil and dirt better and stimulate the pores, as opposed to cold water, which can tighten and constrict pores.

Alternatively, you can spray your face with toner to remove the dirt, oil and any impurities that may be left over from cleansing. It is important to always clean your face before you apply cologne.

Avoid rubbing your face roughly.


It’s a good idea to put on some moisturizer or skin cream before applying cologne. This might sound counterintuitive, but moisturizing your skin first will actually make your body’s natural scents more pronounced.

Moisturizer attracts moisture to the skin. If you have a healthy amount of moisture on your skin, it will pick up on scents more strongly. For example, if you’re planning to wear a spicy cologne, putting on a moisturizer will heighten the smell.

This tip will help you know how much cologne you should put on. If you’re aiming to apply fragrance to a particular part of your body, you’ll need to figure out how fragrant that area usually is. You can do that by applying a small amount of moisturizer to your body, and using that as your baseline for how much you need to effectively scent that area. You can judge the appropriate amount of cologne for application based on how much of a difference is noticeable when you’re applying more of the moisturizer.

Hold the spray 3-6 inches away from your body

Spray just above your beltline, and about 2 to 3 inches away. If you hold the body sprays too close they will run on your skin like a regular cologne. This will have the opposite effect of what you want, that is, to make you smell better.

Try to apply a few squirts unless you want to smell like you took a bath in your cologne.

Apply to your ‘pulse points’

The pulse points on your body are where you want your cologne to go. According to Men’s Health Magazine, the strongest pulse points for men are on the inner crooks of your wrist, underneath your elbow and behind your knees. These are the places that will let your cologne work its magic the quickest.

No one wants to smell like a glazed doughnut, so always follow up your cologne with some deodorant. You don’t want to have to bathe in perfume remover in order to remove that extra cologne from your body, and you don’t want to have to deal with the consequences of leaving it on.

Shake the cologne up beforehand to mix it all around. This will allow the fragrance to be released from the cologne quicker and smoother. Failing to do this will often result in spraying a little cologne on your fingers first.

Pour some of the cologne into the cap and then use that to apply to the pulse points on your body. This will prevent you from dripping cologne all over your body and soaking your shirt.

Start slow – don’t go hell for leather

If you start strong, basically drenching yourself in cologne, you immediately void any chance of having a well-blended scent. For cologne to truly come alive, it needs to swirl and drift just as a good wine does.

A good cologne should, when you first apply it, scent the air only around you, and you should be able to appreciate it for its particular blend and qualities like a wine.

So, as a rule of thumb, when you apply cologne, start slow. Just a few tips and a light spritz on your wrists and neck will do the trick.

Let it settle

Into the Skin The first step to applying cologne is shaking it up so it’s mixed and ready to apply. But don’t rub some of it on your wrists and neck just yet.

Give it 2 or 3 minutes to settle into the skin. Then you should start to apply it.

Some men might advise using soap to remove your natural body oils so your cologne has a base to start from. Others might recommend using a moisturizer to give your skin a balanced pH before you apply it.

Whatever you do, the one thing you don’t want to do is apply cologne in the morning and then go out and get sweaty later.

It will tone down the scent if you add sweat into the mix and through the day you might reek of an entirely different kind of smell.

Reapply if needed

If your cologne spray is in the air, and not touching your skin, it will only lightly scent your clothes, but not you.

If you are applying cologne decant directly to your skin, and not clothing or a spray, you will notice your scent will fade after about ten minutes and need to reapply.

How to apply cologne without spray

You have cologne on your side. Apply it correctly for best outcome.

There are various ways to apply cologne, but they all boil down to four primary methods. Below, I will list them in their own sections, starting with the spray method.

Spray Method

This is the most straightforward approach, and it’s also the loudest.

Just spritz it on. There are several ways to go about it, but the primary difference is the amount that you use.

In most cases, you will spray quite liberally. Don’t spray too close to your face.

Spray the cologne from the torso area at an arm’s length and then walk into the cloud of cologne.

You don’t want to take a big whiff of cologne, unless you are at a large strip club or something.

Slowly walk through the cloud, allowing it to settle on you as you go.

Before you know it, the cologne will be settled, and you’ll feel fresh and ready to approach a woman, or whatever else you have in mind.

Spraying Method

This is very similar to the spray method in principle.

The main difference is that you spray yourself to basically get the largest coverage of cologne possible.

7 horrendous mistakes to avoid with cologne

You don’t have to be a professional when it comes to cologne. Sure, it’s great to learn from an expert and see what they do, but in reality, it’s okay to just go with your instincts. Besides, that’s all the perfume industry wants you to think, so that you’ll pay for their “expert” opinion. In fact, cologne is pretty easy to apply once you get past a few mistakes. Here’s the big seven you need to avoid at all costs:

Don’t put it on your wrists. The heat and moisture from the hands isn’t good for the cologne and will eventually dilute it.

Don’t put too much on. This may seem like a no-brainer, but even experts recommend one or two squirts, max. The downside to this is that if you’re using a splash bottle, the chances are good that too much will come out, even if you only want a little.

Don’t spray it on your clothes. It’s not good for the cologne and it won’t do much for you.


Yourself, or the person at the store, is one of the biggest mistakes people make when applying cologne. If you spray it on your neck and wrists and rub them together it can cause a very strong scent, making it overwhelming. Try to spray it on your neck and then rub your wrists together so that the cologne mixes and spreads without building up to create an explosion of scent.

Spraying the wrong areas

If you are a newbie at applying cologne, make sure you do not spray the cologne directly on your clothes or the clothes of the person you are with.

Spraying the cologne on areas where it is obvious will ruin the element of surprise. Make sure you spray the cologne on the areas like the wrists and the back of the neck.

You can spray the cologne while holding your wrist with the opposite hand and gently swipe it to the part of your neck. That will prevent you from spraying the cologne on your own clothes. You can spray a little of cologne on your chest area, but not a lot.

Your body heat will give you the ultimate woody, musky and masculine fragrance if you simply spray the cologne on your body. The cologne will mix with your body odor and give you an ultimate masculine masculine odor that women love. Before you go out, spray the cologne in the air and walk through the path of the sprayed air.

The path of the sprayed air will spread the fragrance of the cologne and stick to your entire body. You can also spray some in the air at the entrance of your house before you enter your house.

Spraying at the wrong time

You need to be careful with cologne application time to make sure that your scent doesn’t wear off before you jam.

Before you spray it, make sure you know what time you plan on being around others. I spray a little before I leave for a date or to go out, so it has time to soak into my skin a little before being around everyone else.

If I have to go straight from work, I just spray it around the edges of my clothes or my belt since spraying it directly on my clothes will make them stained and sticky. A little goes a long way, especially if you just spray the bottom of your neck, the sides of your face, and then one or two sprays on the bottom of my shirt, that is usually enough to last me through even a long date.

Rubbing it in

After purchasing a cologne or perfume, it is important to bring it home, open it, and give it a smell test. This will give you an idea of how the fragrance wears and what impact it leaves on others.

Most perfumes and colognes last twelve months after they are purchased, and this is why you should apply it to different spots of your body to see its wear time. For example, rub a drop of perfume on your right and left arm, and then wait two hours. See if you can notice it on both of your arms, and then reapply after each arm.

This will give you a clearer idea of how the cologne or perfume will wear throughout the day. After this process, you can apply it every day and begin to notice how it changes with your body’s chemistry and as it leaves your body.

Using the drop test will also help you to see how harsh or soft the cologne or perfume is. This will be vital around individuals with allergies!

Also, give the cologne a spray in the air to see how the scent disperses and lingers. Then give it a few minutes and walk about; this will help you to identify the notes of the cologne.

Walking through it

Know what your cologne is. You should always try to read the label and look at the ingredients. The label will tell you the strength of the fragrance. It’ll also tell you more about the fragrance itself.

The First Time you use it

Simply dab the cologne on the part of your skin where the temperature is warmest (usually your wrist or behind your ear). Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. This is your best time to fully enjoy the smell of the cologne. And it’s one of the best ways to identify what the scent is really like. If you like it, then you’re ready for step 3.

If you like it, Wait

Instead of spraying like a crazy person, just take another undetected sniff of the cologne.

Wait 2-3 Hours

The cologne will start to recede or disappear from your senses if you wait too long. It’s important that you don’t put it on too early. You want to give the cologne time to get to your skin and then slowly fade away.

The Third Time you use it

Spraying it on your clothes

The first and the easiest way to apply cologne is to spray a few spritzes or pumps on your clothes, especially on areas where your body heat naturally concentrates, such as your chest or your inner elbows.

Some people also prefer to spray it on their hair but you should be careful with this as it can easily overpower the composition of your cologne and give your hair a super strong, musky scent.

This option is also great if you’re going somewhere straight after work as you can be ready to sneak out of the office without having to change clothes.

Not looking after the bottle

One of the keys to applying cologne properly is to follow the directions on the bottle. That's pretty obvious, but people tend to be in such a rush to just get it on that they skip steps. With fragrances, oftentimes the scent isn't fully developed until it stays on for a bit, so make sure you leave on for a little while before going to town.

Also, don't just use any old spray bottle. Most are somewhat porous, and the alcohol content in fragrances can cause the squirt streams to dry out quickly. If you insist on using the spray bottle that came with it, at least rinse it out first so that there isn't any residue that will also keep the scent from developing fully.

Another way to make sure your cologne lasts is to layer it with body-spray or deodorant. This can temper the smell a bit as it becomes more natural to your body's scent.

5 ways to stand out with cologne

Without being a jerk.

There are occasions when you feel nothing is working for you in terms of landing the girl of your dreams. Staying at the same place, doing the same things and expecting a different result is what Einstein calls insanity. You need to change your routine, and a little perfume can do a great help.

Spray the inside of your jacket

Spray some inside your jacket. You want to use a fragrance that matches your body chemistry and will therefore mix well with your natural pheromones.

Since this scent will become a natural part of you, it's a good idea to avoid overpowering scents, as they can be distracting. If you have a compatible scent—as deemed by your nose—spray just two or three times between your shoulder blades.

This will be enough for you to smell your natural scent, but not enough to overpower anyone you come into contact with. As a rule of thumb, the stronger the fragrance itself is, the less of it you will need to wear.

Wear it wherever you expect to be kissed

If you’re going out on a date wearing something that should be smelt, spray cologne around the areas that the person will be kissing (or trying to kiss) later.

It makes about as much sense as if you asked your friend to apply perfume on areas of your body that she’ll be kissing you at some point.

If you tell her to spray some perfume around your neck, you can tell your boyfriend/girlfriend to spray cologne on your neck when going out on a date.

Just make sure this is what you tell them to spray! Don’t be ridiculous and tell them to spray it on your armpits, sweety.

Layer up with matching products

{1}. Spray the cologne a few inches from your body and don’t rub it in.
{2}. Once you’ve sprayed a few spritzes of cologne on your wrists, neck, and chest, begin layering matching products. You can apply a golf ball-sized splash of matching aftershave or body wash, then use the same amount of matching lotion/lotion that you use everyday.

If you insist on using deodorant, using the single-spray method, and don’t layer up with other products, it is important to note that deodorant and cologne can have conflicting scents. Leave a few minutes in between application.

{1}. Wash your hands right after you spray your cologne.
{2}. Condition your hair when you’re done spritzing your cologne. Just the smell of hair spray will completely overpower your cologne, even if you don’t apply any to your hair!

If you’re completing a layered application, after all three products are applied, wait about 30 minutes for your cologne to absorb into your skin.

Match it to your personality

Maybe you have your signature scent – or maybe you change depending on your mood, the season, or where you’re headed that night. The same is true for your cologne: It’s something you wear every day, but need to match it to your own personal style.

“There are so many men’s colognes available on the market today that there’s really something for every man,” says Boston-based fragrance expert Olivia Jan. The trick? Make sure you like the scent (and the way it smells on you) before you commit to wearing it every day. And it’s best to do your sniffing up close and personal: Spray some in the air, walk through it, and repeat a couple of times to see how it smells on you.

Now, on to the seven steps to mastering the art of applying it like a pro:

First things first: Your skin type and the climate you live in.

As with any beauty product, the key to application success is to understand your skin type and the climate of where you live. For instance, if you’re prone to oily skin or live somewhere particularly humid, look for moisturizing alternatives to cologne. The ones with astringent ingredients like alcohol or vinegar can actually over-dry your skin if you’re constantly applying them.

Everyday application is key.

Know your stuff

Before you get in the game and start wearing perfume or cologne, do some homework. You may not think that a cologne is a difficult thing to master, or that a perfume needs to be studied in advanced level courses in college. However, you would be surprised how many men just dab on some fragrance and walk away. They don’t look at it as an accessory, or look into what the perfume or cologne says about them and how it can be perceived.

Don’t just grab a bottle of cologne and walk into the club, because you will come off looking trashy or cheesy. However, if you want to look like a sophisticated hot shot, and you want to be the object of desire for every woman in the place, then you will need to know what you are doing and know how to go about it. Wearing cologne should not be an accident, or something minor you do in passing. It should be a major accessory, and something that you pay a lot of attention to. Even if it is just for fun like at the casino.

Knowing the difference between Cologne, Perfume and the rest

A perfume is defined as a sweet-smelling oil or wax made from the crushed or distilled flowers, fruits, and herbs of plants and trees. Perfumes are used to fragrance the body and keep it odor-free and tasty.

Men do not typically use perfume. There are, of course, exceptions to this. Like their female counterparts, many men will spray a little cologne on their clothing, but they are not typically wearing perfume.

A cologne is very similar to a perfume. What is commonly misunderstood is what makes them so different. It is what the fragrance is composed of that determines whether it is considered a perfume or a cologne.

How to properly appreciate the scent of your cologne

It isn’t just about spraying your favorite scent and walking out the door. You need to apply it to get the full impact that you deserve.

It’s like wearing a new pair of blue jeans. You can throw them on and walk out the door but people will wonder what you are wearing. The real advantage of buying a nice pair of jeans comes when you break them in. You start to get compliments on the way they look on you and everyone can see how great the jeans make you feel.

That’s the idea behind applying cologne. You want to make it part of you.

Step 1: Splash some on your skin.

Step 2: Work it in.

Put a little on your hands and rub them together. You want to really make sure the cologne is rubbed into your skin. After rubbing your hands together, apply the cologne to your forearm. This will spread it evenly over your skin.

Step 3: Pucker up!

At this point, your cologne has been applied, but it's still not doing the job. You will need to put some on your lips. Brush your lips across your hand that has been rubbing the cologne into your forearm. This will transfer the scent to your lips.

Step 4: Don’t forget your neck.

How to choose a cologne

For a night out to dinner with friends or on a romantic date, a cologne or perfume is a great beauty product to give you that extra boost of confidence. But do you know how to apply it properly?

When men’s cologne first hit the market, it was all about the alcohol. Alcohol makes sure the fragrance is released quickly as it evaporates off the skin. This is why a man’s cologne should be applied sparingly to all parts of your neck, wrists, chest and even the backs of the knees, to release the aroma throughout the night.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply cologne if it’s my signature scent?

You can tailor a signature scent to work differently in different environments. For example, you may want to wear cologne when you’re going out to an event or business meeting, where it’s important that your scent is present, but you don’t want it to be overpowering. Apply your signature scent to the base of your throat. It’s one of the warmest, most powerful parts of the human body, and the scent will stay there throughout your event.

How do I apply cologne if I’m nervous for an interview?

The area under your nose, right next to your nostrils, is very sensitive. The scent of cologne used in this area will be subtly noticeable to the people around you, but not overpowering. Additionally, because you’re breathing in, rather than out, the scent will be enhanced and more intense, helping you to focus on other things.

How much cologne should I apply?

How long does cologne last?

You won’t have to worry about your favorite cologne going downhill after applying it. The majority of colognes on the market today are made of synthetic products, and the scents for most don’t fade within one day.

In fact, a number of designer brands last for hours. The longevity of the scent will depend on the type of cologne that you use. In general, an oriental or spicy fragrance doesn’t last as long as a woody or fresh scent would. The scents from fruity and floral colognes generally evaporate quickly. Acids may account for this, as well as the amount of essential oil.

It is all about applying the fragrance properly, which isn’t difficult. Just stick to the following steps and you’ll be an expert on perfume application in no time.

How can I make cologne last longer?

After you have applied cologne , you may want an idea of how to make it last a little longer. Applying additional layers of the same scent is the key to this, and if you change scents, there is no guarantee that this will work again.

An alternative method is to use another cologne or body spray, to give your first cologne some body.

Apply a small amount of your second cologne, so it doesn’t overwhelm the original. By applying different scents, you will create a unique aroma that will be stronger.

Organic and natural fixatives are also a good alternative. The best way to make cologne last longer is to use Fixative.

Fixative creates a seal on your skin and can really lock in the smell of your cologne. This will give you a long-lasting fragrance throughout the day. Applying Fixative or Eau de parfum after you have applied cologne will give desired results.

Does cologne expire?

There are several products you probably encounter on a day-to-day basis. Some of these are probably ingested, some worn on the clothes, and even some sprayed on the body.

One product is used to keep people smelling great, yet the majority of people don’t understand how to apply it most effectively.

Most people that spray cologne stick to what they know, generally speaking the neck or wrists. There is much more to it than that.

To put on cologne correctly the first time, you need to understand the subtle nuances of how to apply it. Following a few simple steps will help you on your way to becoming a Pro Cologne Sprayer. Once you know how to apply cologne, you’ll be able to apply it like an expert, easily and confidently.

Step 1:

The first step is to bring the bottle up close to your nose so that the cologne is close to the source of the fragrance. This helps you to define the scent you are going for.

Step 2:

Next, hold the bottle between your forefinger and middle finger, followed by the ring finger. Your thumb draws down the nozzle as you squeeze the bottle, to release the spray.

Step 3:

Where should I spray cologne?

Spray cologne on the chest, neck, and behind the ears. This area is likely to be in your direct line of sight, so apply cologne anywhere else, and you’ll end up spraying it onto your clothes or other people when you turn your head!

Spray the top of your hand with the cologne and then wipe it onto your neck. Don’t spray it directly on the skin, because it will rub off in your hair and clothes while you get dressed.

Spray cologne in the air and walk through the mist. This ensures you’ll smell great without overspraying.

Spray one nostril at a time, and then breathe in through the other nostril. This will make sure you don’t get any cologne up your nose! See which nostril you prefer.

Spray a little cologne in your hair. This will make your hair smell clean, and it will kill any odors you’ve picked up during the day.

It’s important to apply cologne to both sides of your neck and behind both ears. Spray them and rub the area to spread the cologne.

If you don’t feel confident about applying cologne, ask someone to show you the right way.

How many sprays of cologne do I need?

Funnily enough, no one I've asked on the subject has been able to tell me conclusively. From what I can tell, there are two schools of thought: Some people believe in putting several sprays of cologne on the neck and (if needed) then 'smudging' the cologne from the wrists towards the face.

The other school of thought advocates simply spraying once behind each ear, on your wrists, and once on the chest. To start with, you should follow the advice I set out in my “how to dress well” article, which involves wearing clothes of the correct size and getting your shirt and jacket buttoned properly.

Don’t wear too much fragrance, as this will give off an unprofessional or cheap vibe, or else reek of “funeral home.” Try to err on the side of too little fragrance, and adjust upward as you go.

Also note that certain times of day are better than others for wearing cologne, and that you should avoid wearing oils, which can stain your clothing. Start with 2 to 4 sprays, and then check the effect in a well lit room; if you find the result too strong, try a few more sprays.

How do I use solid cologne?

Cologne is traditionally kept in small bottles with atomizers and used through the day to keep yourself smelling fresh and clean.

However, some companies have started putting the cologne in easy-to-use, solid form. These solid colognes use the same fragrant oils present in the liquid aromas, but in solid form on a cream that goes on smooth and easy.

These are popular because the entire fragrance is in a compact form to provide just the right amount of subtle, pleasing smell.

There are also some solid colognes that have a sexy, musky scent that’s great for nighttime wear. You don’t have to dab it on, but you can just glide it on for a smooth and sexy feel.

Step 1: Prep!

Before using any new product, figure out what works best for you.

Consider any allergies you might have beforehand and any fragrance sensitivities.

The most important preparation is making sure your skin isn’t damp. Damp skin absorbs fragrance better, so the fragrance of wet skin can be too strong.

Step 2: Remove some clothes

What is the best men’s cologne?

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a good cologne, but most can agree that the application makes the most difference. Here’s how to apply cologne like a pro.

You can choose your favorite cologne or have a go at creating a custom fragrance, but bear in mind that the pros take great care with their cologne.

Always start with the right amount of scent and the best base for that. The desirable amount of scent will vary depending on your own personal tastes, but for the purpose of these 7 steps, we’ll aim for 1/2 shot of cologne to the palm of the hand. Fine fragrances like Creed and Nautica often take less. In any event, always use less than you think you should.

For those who perfume their body in general, you’ll want to apply less generously still. An overdone back that refuses to settle in one spot is just as annoying as a foul smelling jacket or concert seatmate. For those who are not accustomed to wearing perfume, start with the tiniest applications. See how it settles and if you’d like more.

For each application, the best bet is usually a fragrance that will settle into the skin without trying to fight the house scents.

What is the difference between perfume and cologne?

The difference between perfume and cologne is concentration level.

The simple way of explaining it is to say that perfume is divided into three different levels of intensity, depending on how much oil is used. And these three levels are referred to as eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and eau de parfum.

Eau de toilette, which is the weakest concentration of perfume, is typically what you would use on a daily basis. Think of this as what perfume smells like after a hard day of work.

The second concentration level, which is called eau de cologne, is stronger than eau de toilette and is what you would apply to your skin after doing sports or some other strenuous exercise.

Meanwhile, eau de parfum is stronger than both eau de cologne and eau de toilette, so it is the most aromatic level of perfume concentration.

As for cologne, that’s what we referred to in the past, before perfume became so popular. Nowadays, cologne is simply a fragrance meant for men. It’s simply stronger than perfume and not as heavy, and is usually perceptible to the nose for around 3 hours.

Among the most-loved brands of cologne are Dolce and Gabanna, Chanel, and Dior.

Why is cologne so expensive?

Basically, the price of cologne differs depending on the composition and notes used.

The reason why cologne is so expensive is because the ingredients used to make cologne are very rare and are usually imported from specialized facilities and sometimes even from other countries.

Also, most of the materials used to make cologne are usually very expensive to produce and are usually sold in very high quantities. Ingredients used to make cologne are also usually expensive to produce and use. The manufacturers of cologne must import ingredients from faraway places in large quantities in order to be able to produce even a small bottle of cologne. Another reason why cologne can cost a lot can be traced to fashion trends. Some of the most common centers of producing the best colognes in the world are Europe and America.

In this case, importation expenses are the main cause of cologne’s exorbitant cost. Problems like these are rampant in this industry because cologne is a highly and fashionable commodity.

Cologne is a very important product among men. Men rely on cologne for simple things like going to the office or to a job interview.

Many men want to impress a partner or a potential mate by wearing a good cologne. Not only that, men also use cologne as their source of power and respect.

How is cologne made?

The fragrance alcohol of cologne is generally made up of a mixture of natural and/or synthetic chemical ingredients. While it seems simple to make, it is actually a highly complex process combining art and science.

The process involves mixing petroleum compounds with coal tar, which is a by-product of coal farming. The petroleum compounds can be derived from a number of sources ranging from crude oil to petroleum extracts, coconut oil, palm oils, or the tar itself.

The gasoline component of the extracted coal tar is then "cracked" by heat and pressure into smaller hydrocarbon molecules that fit into an oil base. The aromatic compounds from the coal tar, which give it its fragrance, are also separated out of the mixture and placed in the oil base.

The mixture of petroleum compounds and aromatic compounds are then blended together to create the fragrance and scent of the cologne.

While the majority of colognes have specific fragrance scents, some may have different textures or may be a completely different color because they are infused with other natural ingredients.

Vanilla extract is often added to make cologne a creamy color and texture. Natural oatmeal or floral extracts can also be added to give the cologne a powdery or floral aroma and flavor.

How should I pick a cologne?

The best way to pick one is by trying the testers in the store. Also, if your favorite scent is from bars of soap, try to find a cologne that is made out of that particular scent. Remember to take into account that the fragrance may be intensified after you spray.

Your skin might also have an impact on the scent. If you have a perfumey scent to begin with, look for a lighter scent for cologne. If you are a guy, avoid flowery scents because some guys just don’t smell nice with flowery scents.

Women are more likely to have that problem because of their level of hormones.


These 7 steps are crucial to making sure that you apply your cologne perfectly. By following them you will be able to insure yourself a great looking and smelling man. Follow them and you will be the talk of the town.

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