How To Shave Your Armpits in 10 Simple, Illustrated Steps

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How to Shave Armpits in 10 Simple, Illustrated Steps (for Guys)

Depending on preference and/or the amount of hair that grows on your body, you may have a big or small task ahead of you into getting rid of that hair. Assuming you need to remove hair from your armpits or some other private area, this guide will take you through the process using a manual razor.

It’s pretty safe to say that getting rid of hair in any area is difficult, especially in more sensitive spots. So if you need a razor to get rid of the hair, then this guide is for you.

Here’s how to do it: Step 1: Look at your armpit (in the mirror of course) and decide if you’re going to shave in the direction of your hair growth or against it. To shave in the direction of hair growth is easier and less painful. To do that, just shave up from the bottom of your armpit hairs all the way to your shoulder. Be very careful to not let the razor accidentally touch your skin if it’s not sharp!

Step 2: Place your one hand on the majority of your armpit skin and hold it in some way to flatten it. Let’s pretend the armpit is an open jug and shave from the top of the jug down toward the base where the handle would be.

Trim first

You can't just start shaving your armpits without some preparation. Long hair needs to be snipped down to size first. This will help with gliding the razor over the rest of your skin.

Just trim the hair down to about 1cm and you'll have enough length to snip by pulling the blades of your scissors in the opposite direction that the hair is growing.

This process is very straightforward, but if you're a little nervous, you can see a video of it here.

Shave in the shower

To keep the razor dry.

Shaving in the shower keeps the razor from becoming dull and helps soften the hair. If you’ll be doing this, comb conditioner through your armpit hair before you hop in the shower. After you’re done shaving, step out to rinse the excess hair out of the drain.

Keep in mind that if you’re a blonde, you’re going to lose a considerable amount of color and will have to recolor more frequently.

Use a sharp razor

Use a fresh razor for each underarm shave to minimize your likelihood of cuts or abrasions. When the blade is dull, it is more difficult to shave in a straight line.

Purchase quality razors.

Use a shaving cream or gel designed for the underarm area.

Thoroughly blend the shaving cream or gel into the hair with your fingers before applying the razor.

Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration; you’ll also be more comfortable if you are well hydrated because it softens your underarm hair.


The size of the area you are shaving might make a difference in the razor you choose and may determine the number of passes you’ll make over your armpit area.

To begin with, use a safety razor with a disposable double-edge blade. These double-edge blades are sharper than single-edge blades, but sharper does not necessarily mean better. You can use the wrong blade the next time you shave and it may be dull enough to cut you.

Be Extra Careful around Your Armpits

Shave with a longer stroke:

All of these techniques can help you avoid underarm cuts.

Apply a good amount of shaving cream

You'll want a thick layer of shaving cream because it will help the razor glimmer over the hair smoothly. When it comes to shaving, the smoother it is, the less it'll hurt.

Seek out an Aloe Vera based shaving gel instead of a gel or lotion you have lying around because it won’t clog your razor or leave you with nicks and cuts.

Raise your arm over your head

With your free hand, grip your elbow and raise your arm over your head, hold it in place.

Shave in multiple directions

To get an even smoother shave, shaving again in the reverse direction will also help reduce and/or prevent ingrown hairs. Shaving in different directions will also help ensure you get the best, most comfortable shave possible.

Rinse your razor frequently

Your razor should be rinsed frequently to remove any hairs stuck in it.

This will prevent small, painful cuts when you reapply your razor to the skin.

Rinse with cold water

Rinsing with cold water helps close the pores and stop the shaving cream from drying out while you're in the shower.

Apply a Shaving Cream or Gel

Apply a shaving gel or cream. If you prefer not to use these products, plain shaving soap will do the trick just as well.

Always use a shaving gel instead of shaving foam. While it might seem like shaving soap lathered on your hands will be enough to cover your armpits, it's much too runny.

If you want a sharp razor, you need to avoid shaving gels that have added moisturizers and shave in the shower.

Apply shaving gel to your armpits and rub it in. This will find any stray hairs and give you a close shave.

Pour water over the area, holding your skin taut with one hand being sure to hold the skin taut. Do not use conditioner.

If the gel has settled down and become solid, start again by gently lifting the gel upward. Wet the area again lightly.

Apply a second coat of shaving gel, rubbing it in evenly with your hands.

Make sure the shaving gel is not sitting on the surface of the skin. This will allow a sharp razor to have better contact with the hair as you begin shaving.

Pat your pits dry

You will want to make sure that your armpits are dry before you start to shave. Getting your skin wet will make it less likely for you to get a close shave.

Once your skin is dry, there is no need to apply lotion because you are going to be exfoliating as part of your routine. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin and it allows your skin to better absorb lotions and other skin care products.

Step 2: Exfoliate to remove dead skin Shaving over dead skin won’t give you a close shave. You need to exfoliate to remove dead skin from your armpits. While you can use a loofah or a scrubbing glove to manually exfoliate your skin, it is easier to take advantage of your exfoliating products.

A lot of bar soaps and body wash products come with exfoliating properties. This is one of reasons why many people prefer bar soap over body wash. This also helps to explain why many people with dry skin prefer bar soap over body wash since body wash tends to leave their skin feeling tight.

After you have wet your armpits, wet the bar soap or body wash you selected. Apply the bar soap or body wash to your armpit. You only need to apply a small amount of product to get the exfoliating scrub started.

Step 3: Start shaving

Apply a moisturizer

Moisturizers are extremely important for any shaving process. Find one that hydrates, like this brilliant one from EOS.

Apply it on your legs and armpits before shaving.

If you have never done this before, pay attention to this point.


Knowing how to shave your armpit can be a lifesaver when you’re about to go out and in a great hurry.

It may sound strange, but many women actually want to feel smooth under the arm. It makes you look and feel more confident about yourself.

There are several ways to achieve that look, but one that is super-easy, very affordable and very effective is to follow these simple steps with the proper shaving product, the best being crystal deodorant:

{1}. Prepare your armpits for shaving: Before you start shaving your armpits, it’s best to take a warm shower and exfoliate the area first with an exfoliating product, such as coconut oil. Then pat the skin thoroughly dry.
{2}. Make sure you shave when your armpits are less itchy: Even if your skin feels and looks smooth, it’s not a good idea to shave while your armpits are in the itchy phase of hair growth. This is because the hair is more coarse and harder to shave, leaving you with a rash and unappealing stubble after the hair elimination.
{3}. Prepare the right shaving angle: Learn to shave your armpits in a way that will allow for the perfect angle so you can get the cleanest cut possible and avoid all the dead skin.