Kent 82T 4″ Handmade Folding Pocket Comb Review

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It's been long overdue, but today we finally got around to publishing our expert review on the Kent 82T 4" Handmade Folding Pocket Comb.

In this review, we made things as simple as possible for you to form your opinion.

Our rating: 7 / 10

Cost: $$

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  • Handmade comb
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Gives you a secure grip
  • Good size and ergonomic design
  • Excellent finish


  • Too small for some hands
  • Folding nature lessens the durability of the comb slightly
  • No clasp to secure the comb

The Kent 82T 4" Handmade Folding Pocket Comb for Men, Fine Tooth Hair Comb Straightener for Everyday Grooming Styling Hair, Beard or Mustache, Use Dry or with Balms, Saw Cut Hand Polished, Made in England is a pocket-sized comb made specifically for daily grooming.
This comb is made from a cellulose acetate material that allows you to comb your hair with no static. The comb is made from one large sheet of cellulose that is folded to give you a solid, frame rigid comb.

Unlike other pocket combs, this comb has a saw cut design in the teeth, which gives you a split tooth comb. It is similar to a stylist's comb, but it has the extra advantage of having no resistance coming in the way. That makes this comb a great choice for curly hair because you are not upsetting the natural curls by using a stiff comb.

Kent is the world's oldest brush manufacturer since 1777. They make the best Kent combs and brushes and have been one of the premier manufacturers of grooming combs since the 1800s. Today, they are still family owned and operated in England. They have been awarded with Royal Warrants by the Queen of England and wear their wooden brush logo with pride.

The Kent combs are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, using a fine tooth design, high quality cellulose acetate, and top quality stainless steel.

The comb has no sliding, flush or spring plates, and the comb teeth are small enough to grip the hair in an even, smooth stroke. Each comb is carefully handcrafted, which makes each comb one of a kind. The smooth polished comb has saw cut teeth, which stimulates the hair follicles and aids in styling.

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