13 Myths About Beards Most People Believe That Simply Aren’t True

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Your Beard Will Itch. Always.

Scratching is horrible behavior for adults, even when you’re itching, so if you’re expecting your itchiness to be an everyday struggle, you might want to re-think growing a beard, but don’t worry, there are ways to prevent it.

The reason why it gets itchy is probably because you’ve shaved. A lot of the itchiness during the early stages of beard growing is due to the itching coming from the re-growth of the hair follicles.

This will last for anywhere from one week to two weeks.

Lanolin, vitamin E, and jojoba are great sources to help you calm the irritation. Using a little bit of rub and some natural moisturizing oil to the places that are getting itchy will naturally help.

Shaving Your Beard Makes It Come Back Thicker

It has been a longstanding myth that when a beard is shaved off, it will grow back at twice its fullness.

In reality, the hair shafts will grow back the same length they were before, regardless of whether or not you shaved off your beard. You will not be able to tell the difference between the two.

This myth can be traced back to the idea that shaving raises the hair shafts, which heightens them to match the appearance of a stubble beard. On the contrary, it is not shaving that causes the raised hair follicles but instead the constant abrasive touching of clothing against your face.

Beards Are Too Hot in Summer

Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to how warm they like their face to feel. However, it’s simply not true that beards are too hot to grow in the summer.

Beards actually help cool the face by trapping a layer of cool air between the skin and the surrounding warm air. It’s very similar to how the thin layer of cool air between your clothes and the chilled air outside helps keep you from feeling overheated on a blustery winter day.

Although you may not think of it this way, the beard itself is a barrier for the face. When the beard is too long, it can trap a layer of warm air around it that the face must heat up, and overheating can be a problem. Short beards, however, can help keep the face cooler.

You Won’t Be Able to Land a Job

You might thing this is simply an old myth, but it is still floating around today even though in the 21st century. In fact, men with beards are actually more likely to receive salaries higher than men who are clean-shaved.

In fact, brands that hire bearded men and women for their advertisements have seen an increase in their overall brand performance.

There is also another reason why everyone believes this myth isn’t true. Despite the fact, people have plenty of stereotypes about bearded men. According to recent studies, men with beards tend to be more attractive, smarter, more confident, and even healthier.

The Benefits of Growing a Beard

Contrary to what everyone believes about beards, beards actually have a lot of benefits. One of the benefits is increased confidence in your facial features and an overall personality. In fact, men who wear beards have more social lives and are more successful when it comes to the dating scene and the job-seeking scene.

Studies also show that beards are linked to a more masculine look and younger men tend to look older when they shave.

So, if you’re a man, just go ahead and let your beard grow. No one needs to know that you’re not confident enough.

A Beard Must be “Full” to Look Handsome

The size of the beard doesn’t matter. The most important factor is that you maintain and care for your beard. This means using beard oil to hydrate and combing it through at least once a day. It is also helpful to start off growing your beard with a healthy beard growth supplement.

Fuller beards can look great on guys with a longer face shape, but otherwise, a thinner beard is better. It provides a feature on the face while also helping to fix any crooked or weird lines that may be coming from your face.

If you want to keep facial hair, the best shape is a little more sculpted. The best way to do this is to use pointed beard scissors to trim the sides and neckline. This will give you a beard that accentuates those features and keeps it looking neat.

A Beard Makes You Look Unattractive

Shaving your facial hair regularly makes you more attractive. After all, it does not require a scientific study to determine that. You won’t have to wonder why women prefer having sex with men with beards. There is a certain charm, aura, and confidence that comes with having a beard.

It’s because when you have facial hair, you are subconsciously showing your ability to survive. Beards are basically a natural method to recognize a man who can provide for the woman and her offspring.

This is why women prefer men who have facial hair, especially the wilder, thicker, and longer kind of beards.

Women who grow their mustaches and beards at first, struggle to manage the makeup. As they continue to grow, it becomes easier for them. If you are planning to shave off your beard, you are sure to get a bald patch in the process. So, if you plan to start growing a beard, think about how you are going to manage it first.

Modern-day beards are a sign of masculinity. That�s why when men see an attractive man with a beard, they want to grow a similar beard. Beards also add to the character that men carry. So, if you think your man is looking a little too thin, show some love to it.

You Need a Barber To Trim Your Beard the Right Way

Think about the amount of insults guys usually level at barbers and hair stylists. It’s something like, “Get a job!” “You’re gonna bleed me dry!” “You’re all crooks!”

You’re even tempted to treat them like lost children and point them out of the salon with your index finger as you creepily mutter, “Goooood barbers! Gooood barbers!”

So why do you trust your barber when it comes to your beard? It’s funny the pre-conceived notions men have about barbers and their skills when it comes to facial hair grooming. If you think about it, it’s pretty irrational to think barbers know more about shaving than you.

There are plenty of barbers out there who operate in the exact same way any other business. They’ll promise you the moon and deliver nothing but a cheap bed of nails.

Your Beard Keeps on Growing Until You Shave It

A common myth is that your beard will grow until it reaches the ground if it’s left untouched. Well, that couldn’t be more false.

Your beard keep growing until you shave it, but once you shave it it will not grow again.

A razor will not stop the process, but once you’ve removed the hair from the surface of your skin once, it will not start to grow again.

A Grey, Multi-Colored Beard Is Unappealing

A grey beard is a sign of wisdom and authority (a ruling beard). We associate gray hairs with wisdom. For example, Obi-wan Kenobi and Gandalf the Grey are revered. Socrates’ beard in particular was referred to as a “speaking beard,” because it was so majestic.

Think about the people in your life that are so much older, wiser, and more authoritative than you – it’s their experience that earns your respect, right?

Most of these people probably have grey beards.

If you dig into your own mind, you will probably find that your perception of your elder’s personality is in part shaped by their facial hair. They must be wise if they wear a grey beard, right?

Wait a second… that’s not true. It’s a bit of a mental trick, based on a bit of illusion. It’s difficult to grow a beard, and people with grey beards are likely to be older and more experienced than those without, so our minds draw a conclusion that isn’t necessarily there.

You’ll Have a Full Beard in a Week (or Two)

You might think that that within a few weeks you’ll be looking like that guy from ZZ Top, but it’s not quite that simple. Those rumors that you get facial hair overnight as a result of being on the moon are just that, rumors. If it were so simple, we’d all have a beard this thick.

There is no denying that beards come with a learning curve. If you’re not going to be in the market for a new razor for a year or more, the least you can do is educate yourself on proper shaving.

In order to have a well-groomed and healthy beard, there are a few things you have to know. First, you need to understand that it will take time. But there are ways to get there. And yes, it will grow faster if you pay attention to your beard’s needs. But you still have to recognize that it will take time.

So what are the actual sources of confusion here? What are the actual beard myths? We’ll give you the rundown.

First of all, how long should it take to grow? Beard length is determined by genetics, but it’s also genetically predisposed to your age.

My Beard is Patchy and Will Always Be Patchy

It is a common misconception that beards are patchy and will only grow around the cheek line. This is a myth. If your facial hair is patchy, it is usually because of your genes and not your hair type. However, genetics play a part and you could be one of the unlucky ones.

You now know that facial hair that is different from head hair is known as androgenic hair. Most people have this type of facial hair. If you have never grown a beard before but want to grow one, then you may want to try beard oil or beard balm, as part of a journey into growing your facial hair.

Facial hair starts to grow around the cheeks, under the chin, and on the mouth. Different hair follicles respond at different times. For some men, it takes a lot longer for hair to start growing in this area than it does for others. If you are part of the latter, then yours will have a lot of hair growing sooner, compared to other men.

It will be an equal distribution of facial hair across your face. You can help this along with facial hair specific products

This is where the myth about patchy beards comes from. It is just most noticeable on men who have a lot of facial hair growth, compared to others who do not.

Beards Have Poop In Them

You have probably heard the urban legend that wearing a beard means there’s poop in it.

Absolutely not true.

Remember, a moustache is something that some of us can grow. A goatee is a subset of that. The same is true for a full beard. The hair that grows above your actual lips (the philtrum) is part of your actual beard. Your actual beard is formed by your cheek hair. Any time you see hair above the bottom lip, it is part of the moustache not any part of the actual beard itself. The only exception to this is the English style beard when the cheek hair is allowed to grow out incredibly long.English bearded men can develop a slight belly sometimes and the hair can start to grow upwards, which is very unattractive. But it is really only noticeable on extremely long bands of hair.

A Good Beard Must Have a Mustache

Contrary to popular belief, your beard should not have a mustache. If you grew a mustache at the same time you started growing a beard, then they are meant to grow together. But facial hair can be misleading for separating the two. Facial hair can sometimes be deceiving.

If you’re trying to grow a beard with no mustache, looking like the hipster Chuck Norris you will never be, you will need to get rid of it. So to keep from wasting time and upsetting the Gods of Beards, trim all unattractive hair and eyebrows from your face.


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