Nike Men’s Air Max 90 Shoes Review

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In this article we’ll put the spotlight on the Nike Men's Air Max 90 Shoes.

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Our rating: 9 / 10

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  • A classic trainer that suits most dress codes
  • Can be worn during all seasons
  • Light-weight (290 g) and comfortable (half sizes)
  • Mesh upper allows for a more appealing look while in use
  • Cut-away design enables greater flexibility and breathability
  • The rubber outsole has a pattern of hexagons, proving great traction
  • A big plus for this pair is its ability to be worn indoors and outdoors
  • The ability to wear this with a variety of different styles
  • The shoes are durable
  • The cushioning on these shoes is very comfortable and provides good stability


  • The sole is not as durable as it needs to be
  • The arch support is not as appealing as it could be
  • The insole wears out easily and cheaply
  • The outsole wears out after extensive use
  • The fit is a bit too tight for those who are more accustomed to a wider size

Nike has made improvements with the design of the shoes by making them more comfortable and offering lightweight with a new design.

Air Max 90 is truly a timeless shoe due to its innovative features, allowing for the user to enjoy great fit under the feet. Recent innovations have made the shoe even more comfortable and user-friendly. It offers a BRS 1000 unit in the forefront of the shoe, allowing for the foot to be in a more comfortable position. The Nike Air Max 90 shoes are available in a variety of colors.
Credit: Nike

Nike has made the Air Max more appealing and noticed to the younger generation with new design with the attention of the media personel.

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