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How Long Does it Take to Go Bald? The Answer March Surprise You

Balding generally refers 2 possible conditions: bitemporal recession, when the hair thins on both sides of the temple; and vertexal or frontal recession when it spreads to the forehead. Hair loss is a very complex process and not fully understood. Researchers have identified several genes that are believed to play a key part in this process. In most cases, baldness can only be prevented, not cured. In short, going bald is not as simple as you think. There is no set speed at which any person loses hair. Many factors will affect the rate at which hair goes bald or the rate at which it grows back. Factors that affect how fast hair goes bald include your genetics, your age, and other health conditions. This article covers each of these topics in depth. By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll know the exact causes of baldness in men and women and all the ways in which you can prevent hair loss.

10 Ways You Can Fix a Patchy Beard & Make it Thick, Dense & Full

Having a beard is something that a lot of men today are proud of – to not be ashamed of it is another story. A patchy beard is embarrassing and finding ways to cover it in public is a challenge that most men go through. The article is all about the 10 best ways you can fix a patchy beard and make it thick, dense and full.