Parker Safety Razor Review

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This is our detailed product review for the Parker Safety Razor.

Let’s see why it’s such a popular product.

Our rating: 9 / 10

Cost: $$$

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  • The price is right
  • More control
  • Sensation and performance
  • Makes a great gift for men


  • Brush is a bit small
  • Keeps shedding a bit
  • Doesn’t hold up period
  • You have to buy replacement brush heads

The Safety razor shaving brush is an incredible product, and this is an amazing version of the Faux Horn Handle. The demonstration video of the Safety Razor is just mesmerizing, and it is such a simple tool, yet works incredibly well.

The Parker Safety Razor offers a lathering experience in a shaving brush that many people never expected to see at all. The safety razor is very small in size with the razor head being around 2 inches and the body being about 5 inches in length. It is so small that you can get away with leaving it on your bathroom counter as it takes up hardly any real space, but despite the size, it creates a wonderful lathering experience.

One of the favorite features of the Safety Razor is how well it will create a rich lather from any shaving cream or soap as long as the brush agitates the product for just a moment or two to produce the most lather with the least amount of effort.

In its stand, you can fill the bristles with water on a weekly basis and the silvertip bristles will hold up extremely well in the water. You will still be able to use the brush by filling the bristles with shaving cream instead of water, but the silvertip hairs will drink in the shaving cream and be ready to act as a whisk broom for your shaving cream. The bristles will also become softer in a shorter amount of time while in the water than if left out without the absorbing aspect of the water. The pearlized handle and razor head are also quite attractive and made to look like horn.

The easiest way to use this razor is with a shaving brush. One of the nice parts about this particular model is that the handle allows you to stand the brush upright after filling it with shaving cream (or water) for a splash-less creation of lather. If you do have to fill up the brush, you will have to do so carefully in order to avoid most of the water from going down the lid of the brush handle.

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