10 Reasons Why Beards Are Attractive

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Beards Have History

While facial hair can be a controversial topic, one thing that remains almost universal is affection for a well-groomed beard. Even from a very early time in history, men were looking to accentuate their looks with well-groomed facial hair.

In ancient Greek society, for instance, only those of the upper class could grow a beard. In early Muslim societies, it was forbidden for men to trim their facial hair. This even included the slave classes.

Perhaps nowhere was facial hair more revered than in the English court during the reign of Henry VIII. Royal balladeers sang of the handsomeness of the king and his love of facial hair. For centuries, no man could be counted on as handsome or manly without a full, rich beard.

While beards are much more tolerated now than in the past, the beard is still a sign of male dominance and virility, as well as a symbol of masculinity.

A Beard Implies Strength

According to an Old Theory, if you've been able to stand the itch of growing a beard, you are automatically assumed to be a man of high value.

The theory is that the man who can put up with the discomfort has a high level of self-discipline. It also implies that the man is able to withstand the challenges of life and not succumb to the itch and shave his beard.

It shows potential partners that you value yourself and will be able to stand up for what you believe. It also subconsciously shows that you have the confidence to be yourself.

Beards Imply Manliness

There are studies that show that men with beards look more masculine and dominant. Pictures with faces digitally altered to include beards are perceived as more masculine.

The reason for that goes back to the caveman days, when men with beards were considered more powerful and more capable of bringing home the bacon. They were seen as leaders of the pack, so to speak, and women would look to them as the alpha males in the tribe, hyper-masculine leaders.

Some of those manly traits have spilled over into modern society and modern women aren’t as susceptible to a bearded man’s dominance, but we still do appreciate a good beard on a man.

It’s a staple in the movie industry of the Westerns. We see it on the big screen and right away, we know we’re looking at the hero of the day.

Plus, it gives the man a bit of an animalistic yet sexy look.

Some would even go as far as to say that only God himself knows whether a baby boy will get a beard when he first graces this earth. That’s how powerful the beard is considered, even when that baby boy grows up to be the father of your children.

Beards Imply Intelligence

All the stereotypes about beards being the most attractive feature to women are true. Women give higher ratings to men in photos or videos when the man has a full face of beard. In fact, the heavier the beard in the visual stimuli, the heavier the man was rated as being. When it comes to rating the attractiveness of a man, bearded men get much higher ratings from women. The study also showed that women agreed that men with beards are more likely to have a high social rank, and higher intelligence than men with no beards.

The study also showed that women did not rate the bearded men higher only because they were stereotyping, but because bearded men are actually perceived as more attractive. In the study, researchers showed images of the same men in various stages of hairiness and photographed from the same angle. The women rated the men with fuller beards as most attractive. In the rating of all the photos, women only saw facial hair as a beard; beards, mustaches, sideburns, and stubble.

The study was published in the scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences. The researchers are Dr. Barnaby Dixson, Dr. Rob Brooks, and Dr. Robert Conroy.

Beards Imply Rebelliousness

Studies show that bearded men are rated as rougher, more outgoing, and more aggressive than their shaven counterparts.
A man with a beard is viewed as more masculine by the people around him (not just women), and this means he is likely to have the social dominance and confidence necessary to attract women.

A beard also gives men the image of someone who doesn’t care about the judgment of others. This allows him to make his own decisions, rather than conform to societal and cultural standards. This type of man is often very attractive to women.

Many women want to be with a man who has enough self-confidence to have a beard and not to care about what society thinks of him.

Women think a bearded man is either unattractive – or a direct source of attraction – because of the behavior that bearded men display:

  • Dominant behavior
  • Directness of purpose
  • Refusal to accept any restrictions on his actions

A facial hair style like the stubble beard, for example, suggests a man who is both well-dressed and well-groomed. Women would prefer this guy to one who doesn’t look as put together.

By contrast, a full beard indicates someone who is not afraid to go against the flow.

Bearded men seem more masculine – and even healthier – because of the fullness of their facial hair.

Beards Are The Perfect Balance Between Sensitive and Edgy

One of the biggest misconceptions about beards is that if you wear one, you are automatically some sort of lumberjack.

That is just not true. A beard can be cared for carefully and groomed to look forward to people. A well-maintained beard suggests a man that takes good care of himself. It gives an air of thoughtful self-possession that only increases a man’s attractiveness.

Once You Go Beard …

People with beards may have been shamed in the past for sporting whiskers. But now, there is a whole community of men who not only have the beard, but also make the beard work.

Beards have been in style throughout history and have come back into fashion many times. There are many reasons to grow a beard, from being a hipster to keeping warm in winter. However, one thing we know is that they are sexy as hell. So let’s delve deeper into what makes beards so attractive to most women and men alike.

Beards Are Good For You

Growing a beard has many benefits including a variety of health benefits. Beards are easy to maintain, you just have to shave a little less often than you would if you had a trimmed chin.

Beards are great for both men and women. Men who grow beards typically look more masculine and women who grow them typically look more alluring.

Medical evidence also reveals that men who have beards have lower instances of acne and bacterial infections on their face due to the fact that their beards act as natural protection.

Beards can also help to keep dirt and debris away from the face and down the neck. They can also conceal accidental face slapping from others.

Studies have also shown that beards can attract women and improve their sex life. Other studies have also shown that bearded men earn more money, have a harder time getting seasonal allergies, are linked to stronger immune systems, and are found to live longer.

Beards Imply Mystery

A beard suggests an air of hidden knowledge, wisdom and creativity that lies beneath the surface. It appears thoughtful and inviting. When it floats above stubble the effect is one of a clearly creative person, of an artisan willing to plough the deep furrows of the imagination, to battle the elements in the pursuit of his art.

It is an unmistakeable signal that the owner of the beard is living his own life as he wishes to. He is doing what he wants. He is not being led or followed, persuaded by the crowd. He has his own path through the world, created by his own dreaming.

Beards Make You Stand Out

Clean shaved faces are a dime a dozen. Unless you’re always meeting new people, at some point you’re likely to feel like you’re being seen in a crowd. This is because you’re surrounded by the same old faces you see day in and day out. Studies have shown that a unique appearance is more likely to make you more attractive to members of the opposite sex.


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