7 Things About Shaving Your Head (And When It’s Time)

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I’m Losing My Hair, Should I Shave My Head?

If you have noticed that you are losing your hair, you may want to consider shaving your head. Especially if you have noticed a receding hairline around your temples.

Shaving your head will obviously not prevent you from losing your hair, but it will give you a chance to get a nice look from the start. A nice close cut can be a very sharp look for men.

It can also take away any pressure you feel on losing your hair or getting older. It can also show it off for what it is. The amount of hair that you lose is not something that you should be ashamed of, it is a natural part of the aging process.

By shaving your head, you are not doing anything to you or your hair, you are however making a fashion statement very close to baldness.

What is the Norwood Scale?

Norwood 0: Minimal hair loss at the front hairline.

Norwood 1: Noticeable, but only about 10% of scalp affected.

Norwood 2: Noticeable hair loss. Around 35% scalp affected.

Norwood 3: Noticeable hair loss with the crowns of the head affected. Around 70% scalp affected.

Norwood 4: Maximum hair loss at the front. All hair gone from the temporal sides. Total loss from parting area.

Norwood 5: Disappearance of hair from the sides and top of the head.

Norwood 6 and beyond: Consider surgical hair restoration.Also called pattern baldness, male pattern baldness is usually hereditary. It is commonplace, with almost half of all men being affected in some degree by their mid-forties.

Younger men often react to hair loss by letting their hair grow long or shaving their heads. Shaving the head is probably the fastest way to accept male pattern baldness and adapt to your new appearance.

When to Shave Your Head?

There is no right or wrong time to shave your head as long as you are doing it to maintain your hair, not to try to regrow it. The only right decision is the one that makes you feel most comfortable.

The higher the number, the bigger the issue

The 7 Pros of Shaving Your Head

The biggest pro to shaving your head is the potential for a better haircut.
Yes, you still have to get a haircut, but you have fewer options.
It’s difficult to maintain an awful haircut when there’s nothing by which to measure it.
Shaving your head also keeps your hair from taking over your bathroom.
This is far and away my favorite part of shaving my head.
You don’t have to do anything with your hair, it just looks and feels so much better.
There’s just something great about the feeling of no hair on your head.
Plus, there’s no longer anything to worry about pulling out when you’re styling it.

You will inevitably get used to your new look.
Once I’d been clean shaven for a while, I didn’t even recognize the guy in the mirror anymore.
It’s a much more natural look and will give your face the chance to reshape itself.
You’ll be amazed at how much better you look with a shaved head.

Hides Male Pattern Baldness

Some men find that their manly pattern of baldness does not fully reveal itself until they start shaving their head. They find that once they get past the shaving process, that they are already balding. This is one of the reasons why so many men go bald only after they’ve lost their hair.

If you experience this, then it is probably best to shave your head before you start to lose your hair. By doing so, you will be able to see how much hair you have and how quickly you are going bald.

Once you have completed your shaving process, you may find that you are starting to go bald. If so, then you will need to change your hairstyle to adapt to this.

No More Primping

For years, I have been very self-conscious about my "bad hair day." I’d go to bed with a "good hair" and wake up with a "bad hair" day. Once I shaved my head, I was shocked to find out that I didn’t have a bad hair day for the first time ever.

In fact, I realized I had so much more time in the morning. I used to spend a lot of time in the bathroom–now I didn’t need to. I also felt a lot less discriminatory against myself when it came to my appearance.

My husband pointed out to me that I didn’t spend much time in the bathroom, and he was right because I didn’t need to. I was surprised by the revelation that I didn’t have bad hair because I thought I had had bad hair, so wouldn’t everyone with bad hair notice it? And most of the time, don’t we notice when something is wrong with our appearance? So it’s no surprise that we feel terrible about not knowing we had bad hair. A negative self image can hold us back from reaching happiness and success.

It Makes You Look Younger

As we age, our hair begins to thin, gray and deteriorate. But baldness doesn’t have to be the inevitable result! Shaving your head can actually make you look younger…

Yes, bald men appear to be younger than hairy men. Even research backs this up.

That’s because hair loss usually occurs in middle and old age, while baldness is more common with babies. Just look at how its easier to see the folds in daddy’s forehead compared to baby’s. It looks like baldness makes your face less wrinkled and those laugh lines less pronounced.

Goodbye Bad Hair Days

Do you remember when you first started to lose your hair? The day was probably one of the worse days of your life. It seemed as though your hair was just falling out of your head and you couldn’t do anything about it.

The constant hair battle was over. No more spending a ridiculous amount of time and money on hair products and tangled hair for days on end.

The good news is that hair loss started after your teenage years and now you’re more than likely to be bald by the time you hit the big 4-0. If you start to notice your hair is thinning or you have a bald spot, it’s time to grab the razor.

Here at the Trending Reviews office, we have compiled a short list of reasons why you should shave your head:

‖ Forgetting to put your contact lenses in.

‖ Your blackheads disappearing.

‖ No more dying your hair.

‖ Your hair dryer breaking.

‖ Your hair care products running out.

‖ Your last visit to the barber.

It’s Comfortable

The first thing I miss about having a shaved head is how comfortable it is. Similar to growing a beard or a mustache, shaving my head became a natural part of my daily routine.

Since I shaved my head at night, I would sleep without a pillow. I eventually learned that I could comfortably sleep on my back.

When I woke up, I didn’t care where my head was because I wasn’t feeling any pressure points. I also enjoyed the feeling of a cool breeze blowing through my head when outside.

I don’t really know how I would know how to reproduce this feeling with hair.

As I understand it, the feeling is achieved by how your hair curls and bends when you put a big comb in it and air blows through.

I’m not sure how much the feeling changes when your hair is shorter than a couple of inches, but if your any bit curious give it a try.

No More Washing & Styling

It may sound like a bonus for those who want to save time or just don’t like doing their hair. But even if you’re just thinking about going bald, you should know that being bald involves regular washing and styling.

However, shaving it off completely will certainly save you time on hair washing and styling.

And as mentioned before, due to none or less sun exposure, it’s going to grow less fast.

So eventually you will also save from the expensive trips to barbershops and salons where you can afford to spend hundreds of dollars every time you get a hair cut.

Even when your hair is shaved, you still have to get a haircut. Depending on your hair length and coarseness, it is recommended to get a hair cut every 6-12 month.

The finer and shorter you hair is, the shorter the duration between each and every time you go to the hair salon. But if you have thick and coarse hair, going to the hair salon every 2-3 months will be very ideal, anyway.

Hair cutting is not only a hair washing service, but also a hair styling procedure, so you may have to spend a decent amount of money for it, even if your hair is already cut.

You’ll Appear More Confident

You’ll be more confident! There have been studies that have shown that men who have shaved heads appear more confident, even when it’s just a trick of the eye. Having light skin so close to the scalp may cause others to perceive you as a healthier and more self-assured person.

The evolution of the shaven head was a response to public appearance. Long ago, almost everyone wore their hair short and shaved heads were more prevalent than they were today.

Men who had long hair or prostitutes would wear wigs or use a powdered wigs to keep their hair natural-looking. Shaved hair was more of a status symbol than a grooming style. Short hair made men look tidy and masculine.

Clothes were costly and the style of the time was a plain collar shirt with no tie in a white long sleeved shirt. A shaven head would really make the public think twice and they’d probably figure you were powerful and affluent.

How Do I Know If Shaving My Head Is Right For Me?

Shaving your head might sound like something only men do. While it's true that a good part of head-shaving is related to men, there are several women who shave their heads too.

You should definitely consider shaving your head only if you are completely fine with the drastic change. Before you commit to shaving your head, make sure that all your family and friends fully support your idea. You can never be too sure if they will accept and like your shaved head.

If you do decide to decide to shave your head, remember that this is a huge step for you and your friends and family. Not everyone is ready to adopt a shaved head right away, even if you think that your shaved head will look cool.

From a personal perspective, I remember going to a wedding for the first time without any hair. I was 24 years old and just started my first job out of college. One of my childhood friends was getting married and she was a bridesmaid. In the car on the way to the wedding, I asked her if people would notice me without my hair.

Pairing Your Shaved Head With Facial Hair

(Or Not)

Some guys think they have to pair their shaved head with some facial hair, and sometimes, they’d be right. Just look at pictures of bald-headed celebrities. Look at pictures of your favorite actors, or men in your neighborhood, or your coworkers, and you’ll notice that just because someone has a shaved head, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have facial hair. There are a plethora of different head-and-beard combinations, from manly-looking locks to a nice, full beard.

But that being said, even though it isn’t a given, it’s a near certainty that you will have facial hair if your head is shaved.

And if you’re not attached to managing your facial hair, then it’s a good time to get rid of it.

Shaven heads with a little bit of hair on the face can be hot on the right guys, but if you’re often confused for your younger brother, then it’s not comfortable for you or the ladies. You’re going to look like a kid no matter what. (Sorry!)

OK, I’m In. How Do I Shave My Head? (A simple, illustrated guide)

The easiest way to start shaving your head is to get a simple haircut into a number 2 or close to it. There are tons of haircuts out there that are considered “favorite bald men hairstyles”. Use the thought process below to find something you like and that makes you feel good.

Visit your barber or stylist. Tell them what you’re looking for and what you want to achieve hair-wise. Ask them questions about your options and whether or not a certain look is something you can do with your hair and face shape.

Note: a barber is better. Stylists are usually the people you go to get your regular haircut. Understandably, they won’t know how to shave your head. And barbers tend to have more experience in this field.

Some things are hard to keep in mind. Realistically, you need to start with the mindset that you are making a haircut that will allow you to look good bald.

If you go into your consultation unclear about what you want to achieve or just go bald for the sake of it, you’ll be stuck with something that really is not stylish. Instead of treating it as a regular haircut, make the decision to shave your head and make it look good.

Getting Ready

Before you grab the razor, you need to prep your head. Here are some tips on how to get your scalp clean for shaving

The type of shaving razor you use can make a large difference. Different razors work better for different people. If you have a sensitive scalp, or have a hard time getting a close shave, you may like a triple-blade razor.

Making sure your head is dry will ensure that you get a closer shave. Just take a 10 to 15 minute hot shower, and leave your hair dry for a little while. Washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo instead of the regular one will help with its dryness.

If you decide to use an electric razor, make sure you do it before you shower.

You want to prepare your head, but you don’t want to dry the hair out too much.

Using a shaving powder will help the razor glide more easily across your head.

If you plan to use a razor, you might want to invest in a shave brush. The brush will put on the shave gel more evenly, and the hairs will be more likely to stand up so the razor can get a closer shave.

You may also find that having a bottle of cold beer in your hand helps (or any type of alcohol you like). The alcohol will help you relax a bit, and it will help you get a smoother shave.

Gentlemen, Start Your Razors

The first thing you'll notice is your head feels a lot lighter. You might have also noticed that it's easier to keep an upright posture, your face seems to look fuller, and you'll get a heck of a tan for a few weeks. If bald is more your style, or you're choosing a bald look for the summer, you'll want to come up with a style that you can live with, because you are going to be stuck with it for awhile.

Now That You’re Done

Just because you have a shaved head doesn’t mean you have to be all-bad. While you can’t change what you have done in the past, you can change how you deal with the future.

I’m sure that the next place you find a job will be so impressed with your experience that they will be begging you to work for them.

They will be so impressed with you that they will feel secure leaving you in charge at any point. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

You’re not just great at what you do but now you’re great looking too. It’ll be smooth sailing for you from here on out.

Take care. Good luck. And if anyone gives you trouble, don’t hesitate to ask for their advice if you need it!

Using Clippers

Or Trimmers?

If you want to go the clippers route, the first step is deciding how much of your hair you want to get rid of. The closer the clippers you can find, the faster and easier your shaving experience will be. Opt for an electric clipper if you want to do a clean and crisp shave, but use a set of cordless clippers for a patchy, scruffy look.

Trimmers are great too if you don’t want to go all over the place, but prefer to keep your hair more or less for a certain length.

A trimmer is also a great general use grooming tool for any man in your household and you will be able to use it whenever and as often as you want, without having to wait for it to charge.

Aesthetically I like to use both. I use a clipper to get the hair shorter and create the look that I want or that is going to suit the occasion best. Then I use a razor to clean up everything around it.

Then again, I use a trimmer to clean up the hair around my ears and the back of my head. Once a week I use a razor to clean up that extra little corner.

That’s a personal preference though. As for the rest of the body, I always use a trimmer to get rid of all the hair.

I’m Not Ready Yet. What about hair loss treatments?

So you just chopped off that long, beautiful mane that you’ve been growing since you were a teenager, and now you’re regretting it. Good news: it’s not too late to fix it. Many treatments are available to help you recover from hair loss or hair thinning, including drugs, supplements, and other skin-friendly remedies.

Hair loss treatments prevent hair loss or slow down the process. For example: Minoxidil is a drug approved by the FDA as an oral spray or topical solution. It’s used to treat male pattern baldness. With continued use, Minoxidil can slow down and possibly reverse the thinning of hair (it only works on men). This is an example of a fast-acting treatment that can prevent hair loss.

It’s best to treat your hair and scalp with natural remedies.


(Propecia) Versus Minoxidil (Rogaine) 5 December 2014

Despite the fact that Minoxidil (Rogaine) has been around for decades, there are still countless men around the globe who have never tried it. In the minds of many users, it’s simply become the tiresome first line of defense. You’ve seen tons of Rogaine commercials and read lots of Rogaine magazine ads, so maybe it seems too risky to try anything else.

But is Minoxidil really just the same old same old? Is it THE ONE? Or could there be a better option?

We’ll say one thing right off the bat: there is no magic pill for the treatment of hair loss. For years, millions of men everywhere have trusted that Rogaine was going to deliver a cure, but it’s about time we face facts. Rogaine is not a cure, and as a matter of fact, even the manufacturer’s website stops short of making any lofty claims. The truth is, Rogaine does not grow new hair. Rogaine shrinks hair follicles and makes your existing hair thicker in diameter, but it does nothing to grow hair back. So what is the cure?

Cue finasteride!


(Rogaine) for hair growth:

Minoxidil is the only over the counter drug that is approved to treat male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. Minoxidil is a vasodilator, which helps to keep your hair follicles healthy.

Minoxidil is most beneficial for people with early thinning, not complete baldness. You can use minoxidil twice daily on the areas that are experiencing hair loss to prevent further hair loss.

Although minoxidil is effective, there is some evidence that it does not help patients with greater than 60% of scalp involvement. If you experience hair loss, it is best to speak to your doctor and/or dermatologist about the treatment options available.


Ketoconazole is a potent antifungal drug that treats and prevents dandruff. It is available over the counter in 2% and 1% strengths.

One study also suggested it to be as effective as the drug pyrithione zinc.

In the study, good results were reported with a 1% ketoconazole shampoo.

Dose: 2% ketoconazole shampoo should be used twice per week.

The same ketoconazole shampoo is also effective against seborrheic dermatitis.

In this skin condition, the fungus known as Pityrosporum ovale grows on the surface of the skin and causes an increased production of scales that usually fall out the scalp, leaving white flakes on your pillow and hair.

Dose: The 1% ketoconazole shampoo is normally used twice a week.

If you suffer from both seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff, you can use the 2% ketoconazole shampoo twice a week for both skin conditions.

When needed, you can also alternate 1% and 2% shampoos for a couple of weeks.

Xylitol for Teeth and Oral Care

Xylitol is a natural sugar-alcohol sweetener used as a sugar substitute for individuals with diabetes or as a natural sweetener for your healthy desserts.

Why am I losing my hair in the first place?

Healthy hair is dependent upon adequate nutrition and circulation to the hair follicles. When our health is not up to par, hair health suffers as well. Usually, poor circulation due to bad lifestyle choices (e.g. smoking, lack of exercise, improper diet) causes hair loss.

In America, we are blessed with ready availability of nutrient-dense foods. However, most of us living here have had issues with chronic health problems at some point in our lives. And sadly, a lot of problems are preventable.

When we don’t eat a diet that is designed to make us operate at peak performance, the body tries to make due with whichever resources it has at its disposal. Unfortunately, one of the first areas that the body re-routes resources from is the hair.

This is why you might notice that hair loss first shows up after a lengthy illness or when you have been unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All of the cells within the body depend upon adequate nutrition and blood flow for proper nutrition and oxygenation.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is perhaps one of the most common reasons men lose their hair. The pattern of baldness is usually not in a circular or even a square pattern, but is normally in patterns in the temple area. Balding abnormal area is normally accompanied by being more hairy in the back of the head and on the sides.

Male pattern baldness vs. alopecia for most people the distinction is that the former is hereditary. This is not to say that alopecia is not hereditary. Both of these conditions are hereditary forms of hair loss.

The difference is that in male pattern baldness, the hair follicles grow and then stop.


Researchers have found a part of our DNA sequence called the AR gene which is associated with balding. This gene also plays a role in female pattern baldness, although its effect is somewhat weaker. Some believe that women who decide to shave their heads might have this gene.

Another factor that might influence a woman's decision to shave her head is the presence of certain hormones, especially during puberty.

23% of women decide to shave their head after puberty because they do not like the way their hair looks and want to experiment with the look.

Other women, however, see it as an instance of rebellion, teenage angst, and rejection of the norms, especially among younger women.

Kariundervisningen no says that 8% of women who shave their head do it because they see it as a new beginning, usually in the form of a new job, a new partner and a new city. Research shows that those reasons are not really strong enough to push a woman into shaving her hair.

There is another group of women who make the decision to shave their head because they no longer care about looks or what anyone else thinks. This group of women can be found of various locations and age ranges.


First of all, you may not know it, but your body’s natural levels of cortisol—the stress hormone—are directly related to your hair growth.

Cortisol assists in the distribution of nutrients to areas of the body that need it most. Doing this, hormone levels rise and fall. With increased stress, the levels of cortisol go up.

Overall, the chemical effect of this is related to hair growth and hair loss.

Stress can cause hair to fall out in patches. At other times, it can also prevent hair from growing back in certain places.


The 6-9 year mark is an important milestone for a number of reasons.

One of the most significant changes that happens during this time is the slowing down of your child’s physical development.

This means that growth in height starts to level out while the body becomes leaner and continues to get stronger. Following this, muscle growth begins to increase in a way that it didn’t before and levels the playing field with other girls in terms of physical strength.

Before you know it, your little girl will be the same height as and have the same physical abilities as most of her peers at school, and she will really start to stand out because she shaves her head.

This is because an average 6-year-old girl is only 5–7 inches tall and weighs between 35 and 45 pounds while an average 8-year-old girl is 5–8.5 inches tall and weighs an average of 60 to 80 pounds. In other words, she will be taller and heavier than nearly everyone else in her class.

This is also a good time for you to stop complaining about how hairy her legs are.


And there you have it!

After reading this, you should have the knowledge needed to decide if now is the right time to shave your head.

As mentioned, if you do decide to go for it, always do it after YOU have done enough research to remain confident.

That is all, thank you for reading through.

I hope you enjoyed it and can now move forward with more confidence.

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