10 Ways You Can Fix a Patchy Beard & Make it Thick, Dense & Full

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Why Do I Have a Patchy Beard?

There are plenty of reasons why you might be having a patchy beard and the issue could be due to genetics, sun damage or even hormonal issues like hair loss.

But, there are also things you can do to help encourage your facial hair to grow in thicker.

Things like eating a healthy balanced diet, not using a razor and applying oils to your face can help to thicken your beard and eliminate a patchy look.

Give Your Beard the Gift of Time

When it comes to growing a beard, time is on your side. The longer you let it grow out, the thicker and more dense it will become.

The average time it takes hair to grow from a one mm to an average of two inches is ninety days.

This means that you will need to let your beard grow for at least three months before it will start to look significantly better.

Own It

The first thing I do when I’m unhappy with the way I look is the realization that I have to love myself. I love who I am and why I have the looks I have. When I feel comfortable in myself, it responds to others to love differently. Not perfect, but it shows people who I really am and most of all who I can really be.

Groom It

A nice, thorough beard is not cultivated over night. It takes years to achieve. It is important to understand that you want to cultivate a patchy beard; it does not need to be perfect. If you have a patchy beard, the first thing you should do is to be patient and understand that it will take a while to achieve your goal. No one is going to notice that you have a patchy beard. Be patient with it, time is on your side.

Be sure to clean your face on a regular basis, especially if you have patchy beard. If you have a patchy beard, a beard brush is your friend. Brush your beard daily and it will become thick and soft. Use a beard oil for extra conditioning.

Brushing your beard

Suggestion for the people with the patchy beard. While you are waiting for your beard to grow and become thick, dense and full, there are some easy things you can do to make it look better.

Remember that patches on the beard are mostly due to how the hair is growing, which is influence by genetics, nutrition, and hereditary factors. So you can do little about it.

However, you can still make your beard look better by growing it in a certain way. It is mostly about getting the habit of brushing your beard and making sure that it is completely free of any tangles. It will make the hair grow in the straight direction and make the face appear smoother and more organized.

If you want to learn more about taking care of your beard, you can read this article: How to Take Care of a Patchy Beard

Another thing that you can do to make your beard look better is to apply beard oil or balm to it. Beard oil will help you to condition and moisturize the hair. It will make it look healthier and thus, less "patchy."

Beard balm will give your hair a hold. It will make it look thicker and fuller because more visible hair will stick together and will appear much thicker.

Apply beard oil

Beard oil is the foundation of having a healthy beard that is maintained. If you don’t understand this, you will never be able to control the patchiness. You need to apply beard oil everyday in order for your hair to fully grow. Many times this is the main reason the beard grow patchy and breaks off. It’s because you aren’t applying beard oil.

Apply beard balm

The application of beard balm is one of the easiest and most effective beard growth solutions that you can use.

Beard balm does a lot more than just soften your beard and tame your wild hairs.

It penetrates the skin and the hair follicles, strengthening both which encourages hair growth by up to about 20%.

Using beard balm to condition your facial hair will strengthen the follicles and promote the growth of healthier hairs by making them behave more like the hairs on the rest of your head.

Use a beard balm every time you wash your beard.

You should also use it regularly to help promote its growth and to encourage the follicles to produce some new hairs.

Beard balm is applied to the skin, not to the hair.

It needs to come in contact with your skin in order to have the reaction that it causes.

That is why you should rub into the skin underneath your beard each time you use it.

Now, in order to apply the beard balm properly, you will need to have a place where you can apply it and then leave it for a while before you wash it off.

This gives the balm time to penetrate the skin and the follicles and it will also give you time to enjoy the softening and conditioning effects of the balm.

Use Products

Unlike your hair on top of your head, your beard is an appendage. This is why it needs that little bit more care.

Even though, by nature, it grows out more quickly than the hair on top of your head, it is much thinner and generally tends to be thinner on certain parts of your face, too. This is where beard grooming products come in.

You only need to apply them once a day to get your beard healthier, thicker, and fuller than before. Consider this one of the best cheap hacks for a thicker beard. Most of these products are suitable for all skin types and have various ingredients that improve the look, feel, and thickness of your facial hair.

Products for a thicker beard do not just need to compensate for your lack of facial hair, but they can also help you fix patchy beards problems and grow out thin areas.

Minoxidil, a.k.a Rogaine

Minoxidil was originally created to treat hypertension, but it was discovered to grow hair.

It is a topical treatment, which means that you have to apply it directly to the area where you want it to grow.

Minoxidil is available in both solutions and foam.

The solution is applied once daily, while the foam is applied twice daily.

Minoxidil is effective only when used daily. When you stop using it, you will stop seeing results.

If you stop using it, your beard may go back to how it was before you started using it, and your bald patches may even get bigger.

Minoxidil works best after 12 to 14 weeks of daily use. You won’t see any strands growing until 4 to 6 weeks after you start using it.

Minoxidil treatments are not permanent. You will have to use this treatment daily for life in order to keep your beard thick and dense.

If you stop using minoxidil, your beard won’t come back to how it was before.


Vitabear is a convenient, all-in-one supplement formulated to help baby’s skin and hair develop in a healthy way. The product is made by Molkenbais and claims to be one of the best baby supplements out there for strengthening a baby’s hair and skin.

The Vitabeard supplement is a combination of vitamins, botanicals, enzymes and other growth factors that are designed to help maintain healthy baby skin and hair. The ingredients in this supplement are derived from nature and are safe even for babies.

For people who are looking for ways of making their beards grow big and dense, Vitabeard is the perfect product to include in your daily diet.

Vitabeard has essential nutrients for promoting and maintaining healthy hair growth.

This supplement is enriched with nutrients, like folic acid, amino acids and vitamins, omega fatty acids, iron, and other important nutrients that are needed for growing a great beard.

This is a great way of ensuring that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy hair and skin.

Vitabeard is a dietary supplement and is safe to use. The supplement comes in powdered form and can be mixed with a little warm water and fed to the baby.

It is rich in vitamins and nutrients that are necessary to maintain healthy hair and skin.


Many argue about what foods and supplements specifically are great for increasing beard growth but most agree on a few general principles: eat healthy, nutrient rich foods and avoid sugar.

Many foods contain Vitamin A, Natural Carotenoids and essential fatty acids like Omega 3’s which are key for proper hair growth.

Most of the foods and supplements on the market that are pushed as being good for beard growth contain one or more of these ingredients.

Good sources of Vitamin A include leafy green veggies and liver.

Good sources of Natural Carotenoids include carrots, broccoli, spinach and kale.

Healthy fats are essential for good hair health as well.

Reputable companies that do business with wholesalers and provide premium whole foods will not need to use synthetic or artificial ingredients because it’s less expensive.

A simple google search of the food or supplement in question should provide you with information on the origins of the product.

Avoid artificial folic and B vitamins. Despite their similarities to the natural vitamins folic acid and B vitamins, synthetic folic and B vitamins are not the same.

Synthetic Vitamins are called that for a reason. If it’s not a whole food then the key ingredients need to be listed so you can make an informed decision.


Exercising will stimulate the production of testosterone in your body, which causes your body to produce more hair. However, it will have less of an impact on your beard. Exercising tends to increase hair growth on the body, but it usually won’t have much effect on growing a beard.

However, exercising is still good for your health and body, and it can also help you reduce stress. When you are less stressed, it can make it easier for your hair to grow and your beard to become thicker.


Hair follicles are located in your chest area and the maxilla (which in your case is the top lip area). Burning more fat will help you grow a thicker beard, but you will predominantly be growing new hair within the existing area of your facial hair follicles.

There are ways more likely to create the follicles to sprout more facial hair. For men without any facial hair growth at all, I would recommend starting facial hair growth products very slowly. 6-8 weeks of no shaving and no products, and then start using a very light application of natural facial hair growth serum.

This will prevent the facial hair from integrating into the skin and becoming permanent, which will allow for quick and healthy death of those unsightly facial hair. It is important to note facial hair and the skin is actually a very thin organ.

Most forms of facial hair integrated with the skin will also cause the hair follicle to grow much thinner over the course of many weeks. Some of the reason for growth slowing down is your body’s way of saying you have more than enough hair.

The third and final method to get thicker facial hair is to rejuvenate the hair follicle. This can be done through regular massage and through stimulating your blood flow to the follicle area. This can be easily accomplished by the use of an electric toothbrush.

Avoid Stress

Stress can cause other problems in your life, and it can stunt hair growth, including facial hair growth. Stress occurs when something is going on in your life that causes a reaction in your body. It is a natural reaction to certain stimuli that can affect your physical and psychological well-being.

To fight stress, first identify what is causing you stress. Then walk away from the situation before you potentially cause more harm. Take time for yourself, or talk to a friend or family member about what is stressing you out. Joining a support group is one way to ensure that you don’t need to face stress alone.

Stress can cause hair loss in general, including hair on the face. If you’re suffering from stress, take steps to get help to alleviate the stress, including getting help from a doctor, to help avoid losing hair.

Beard Implants

Sure, they're called “Implants,” but finger me not, these man boobs are for your face. Small, silicone pellets are injected into your facial follicles to plump up your beard. But before you grab the syringe and start shooting up, it's important to remember the limitations of beard implants. They will only work in areas with healthy, working follicles. Despite the sudden surge in popularity, beard implants are still considered a high-risk procedure. In addition, the results are only temporary— after a few months, you'll need to go in for a refill.

Beard Transplant

A beard transplant is a permanent solution to a patchy beard. During a beard transplant, hair is harvested from a non-hairy area of your body, like your back or stomach, then implanted into your face. Beard transplants are similar to a follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant, except that FUE involves the removal of individual hair follicles, leaving microscopic scars. Using the beard transplant, the density and thickness of your beard can be increased, allowing you to grow a full, dense beard.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone balance is key to a healthy body. Hormones reciprocate and are affected by other hormones.

If one drops the effects can cascade down affecting other hormones. High estrogen levels are one of the main problems in male-pattern hair loss.

It is directly related to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A man's testosterone is converted into DHT mainly by the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. Unfortunately, DHT is much more potent than testosterone. It stays in the body for a longer time and is more powerful.

Thus, if the testosterone in your body is converted into DHT, the ratio increases and creates an imbalance. This is a well-researched and proven fact.

But there is some good news. In recent years, hormone therapy, particularly with natural hormones, has made a breakthrough.

Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) is a protein that binds to testosterone as well as the other sex hormones. It transports hormone throughout the body and is also responsible for transporting testosterone into the cells.

High SHBG levels reduce the amount of free testosterone in the body. Low SHBG levels lead to more free testosterone, which in turn produces a larger amount of DHT.

Again, you may be disappointed. You are not the only one!

The solution is in your own hands.